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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Cult of the Raylians

Pray Here


  1. Skipper,
    You should put all the components of that altar into a box and market it to Ray's minions!

    Well done!

  2. Raylians??

    That's the best one yet!

  3. A summary of Ray's radio broadcast is up over at Pharyngula.

  4. Thanks,

    I'm glad someone enjoys my macabre sense of humor.

    I think Terry has an alter like this, with pieces of Ray's hair, and Terry's severed finger in a box.

  5. HAHA!

    This is being mentioned over at Ray's as the Raylian Starter Kit! LOL! Even Cynthia has seen it!

    They are watching us pretty close!

  6. The Raylian Starter Kit (Bananas not included.)

  7. You could include green bananas, if you were reasonably certain that the Shrine-in-a-Box would reach its destination within ten days maximum.

    A not-unrelated story:

    Someone asked an elderly neighbor of ours, "Say, how old are you, anyway?"

    He replied, poker-faced: "Well, let's just say I've stopped buying green bananas."

  8. How do I get a lock of Rays hair?

    And I would prefer to have his head attached to it, if possible. He could then claim John the Baptist status.

  9. Next time Ray makes an appeal for donations, we should do an auction, with "Shave Ray's Mustache" as the prize. Betcha we'd raise a pile.

  10. I haven't yet started carving scriptures into my skin, but that is next.

    Slowly going crazy needing Ray to impart some semblance of sanity in my life.

    Terry knows what I'm talking about. Voodoo rituals.

    What would you sacrifice for AmenRay?

  11. Wee,

    I'm still OK with green bananas but unripe cumquats is another matter.


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