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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Atheists are just sooooo stupid!!!

Ray slinging some strong statements around:

"The atheist himself confirms the reality of the God who created all things. This is why. When someone becomes a Christian, he immediately cares about those that are around him. He cares about those who are unwanted in society—-the poor, the bad, and the ugly (those that lack what society esteems). This is because God put His love within him the moment that he repented and trusted the Savior. It is because of God's love that I care about the fate of those that lack intelligence (atheists). When the atheist says that there is no evidence that God exists, I take the time to reason with him about creation not being an accident, even though it is intellectually demeaning to have to do so (atheism is the epitome of stupidity). It's an intellectual embarrassment. But I have done so thousands of times, and will do so until my last breath . . . thanks alone to the love of God that dwells in me."

Let the ad homs fly!! Ray is clearly baiting us (The Raytractors) here, and I hope no one falls for this. The first part of this is a clear non sequitur. He implies that atheists are immoral, that we somehow "confirm the reality of God" because Christians "immediately care about those that are around him". That last part is a dubious claim, indeed. He assumes here that Christians are moral, and atheists are immoral. I don't need any videos, any links, any evidence to refute this, it is a stupid claim and simple experience is sufficient to demonstrate the fallacy. Further, Ray makes another dubious claim: that "God put His love within him the moment that he repented and trusted the Savior". This type of nonsense always makes me laugh. How could we show that Ray is wrong here? Ray's God, whom he read about in a book, magically "put" something intangible into some region of people's bodies, after they acknowledge that this book-god is real, and they believe in him and reject all the other book-gods. Makes perfect sense. Religious people always make outragious claims...and never feel they have any burden of proof. Further, Ray goes on to make the truly nitwitish claim that atheists are "the epitome of stupidity" and "lack intelligence". Let's have Ray go up against Fellows of the Royal Society or the National Academy of Sciences, many of which are Nobel laureates and most of which are atheists or agnostics. Hell, let Ray debate little ol me! Ray may be able to show that we held a stupid belief (atheism, evolution) if Ray could somehow demonstrate that the universe is in fact a creation and was created by his favorite book-god...which he always states as if he had the best knock down argument around-as if he was the smartest person in ANY room, at ANY time. However, all he has is a "holy book" (one of many that are mutually incompatible, all claiming divine authorship) a coke can, banana, a crockaduck, a Word file full of quote-mines, and a bunch of bad analogies. Careful who you are calling stupid there big guy...I found quite a few logical fallacies in just this one post. I have a full archive of destroying Ray's arguments.

And now, your moment of Zen:

"Actually, it’s not me that says that every building has a builder and that logically leads to the truth that creation therefore proves that there is a Creator. God’s Word makes the intellectual condescension to make the obvious comparison. It says, "For every house is built by some man; but he that built all things is God" (Hebrews 3:4)."

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