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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

About That Sye Fellow . . .

I believe the proper term is, "pwnage."


  1. We should feed Ray Comfort to Stephen Law.

    And at the link Reynold posted, Sye says, "...letting your blog drift back into the relative obscurity it enjoyed before I came here might be a more deserving option :-)"

    So Sye believes he lifted the blog out of obscurity by his mere presence? If only I knew how he knows that that is true.

  2. By what standards do you claim that this is pwnage?

  3. Man, I go away for a weekend and completely fall behind on the Sye-Law debate.

    It's amazing that Sye hasn't actually gotten so fed up with typing the same three or four responses over and over that he just leaves the internet forever.

    I keep hoping he'll present someone with a paper titled "How I confused a bunch of philosophers by being an arrogant pressuppositionalist dickwad," and reveals his name to be Poe.

    Then, at least, the world will make some sense.

  4. 1. If I am arguing, then I must be right

    2. I am arguing.

    3. Since I am arguing, I am right.

    Typical Sye styled argument.

  5. theaceofclubz,
    I'm going to post that over there. It's priceless.

  6. ****dale, standing on the railing on the observation deck of the Empire State Building****

    "If you mention the name SyetenB one more time, I'm gonna jump! I mean it!"

  7. Andrew,
    I consider it to be absolutely true that first we are born, and then we die, and everything in between is negotiable; and, there is no such thing as a free lunch. /d

  8. Dale,
    kidding of course.

    If nothing else (for me) Sye brings to light the clerity of my own stance. Afterall, if it wasn't for opposing views, you wouldn't have one.

    and how much more opposing and out there can you get then Sye....

  9. Dale said: ""If you mention the name SyetenB one more time, I'm gonna jump! I mean it!"

    Sye TenB :-D

  10. Hey--

    Somebody needs to sweep this mess up...

  11. Sye,
    Stay the fuck away from me you crazy old bastard.

    Take care and don't break your hip.


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