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Monday, July 21, 2008

Why Just Pick on Ray?

This "strike" has had me chuckling over the last couple days.
As Weemaryanne would say, while chomping a carrot, "Of course you know dis means war."

Tactically, there are now eighteen of us signed on. Assuming four comments/ day at Ray's site ~~72 comments/ day. More importantly though, I think we have a group assembled here for an indefinite period of time that might expand to pound out the message that the "Priestcraft"(incuding Ray) is taking you to the cleaners, so to speak.

I wanted to open this up since we have all this talent assembled in one place. Perhaps we can expose more than Ray. Scince th 1980's I have been watching the Religious Right very closely. They had gained quite a lot of political power and I think that is what got Bush elected (right or wrong, I don't care.) That power has since waned, but they are still pushing very hard to try to insert Creationism/ ID into the public schools. I think the First Ammendmet to the Constitution, is probably the most impotant legal clause that was ever written, in regards to the freedom we enjoy in the US.

You are probably mumbling, "OK dale, what has this to do with your post?"

Here are my favorite Creationist/ Fundamentalists to cruise through every once in a while. Starting from the least significant to the most significant:

Kent Hovind- This is such a pathetic countenance that I wince for him as I write this, while he rots in prison for income tax evasion. His defense was- get this- the money went for God's work and God don't go gotta pay no taxes. No worry though! His son, Erick, has picked up where Ken left off and I had the displeasure of watching a couple of his videos---- more on that later.

Ray Comfort- No explanation needed.

Ken Ham- Answers in Genesis. If you read an article from one of his "scientists," your head might blow up, but he is very cash rich; built a Fred and Wilma Hamseum. Where is the money coming from?

The Institute of Creation Research (ICR)- They have never once done any research in their entire existance. They pick on a very narrow scientific explanation, and then they loosely associate it with a contrived scriptual reference from the bible.

The Discovery Institute- These guys have a bunch of money. They have some residual power. James Dobson is the head of this, as he is the head of the "Focus on the Family" organization. He enjoys a huge following on radio. Some of his tactics are highly spurious and although he holds a PhD in psycology, he has been disowned by the American Psycological Associan. PS. This is the group that initially gave support to the "Dover" school board, and then withdrew later. Michael Behe of the Discovery Institute had his ass handed to him by Judge Jones. He is a proven liar.

Uncommon Decsent- This is supposedly the most scientific bunch of creationists /IDers on the intertoob. They are also connected to the Discovery Institute. I don't pay much attention to them except on a couple hot button issues, and they should probably be at the bottom of the list since they have the same basic MO as Ham. Relate everything to scripture.

So, as I slide down the bannister of life, Ray Comfort is merely a small sliver in my ass. /d


  1. I was following Hovind far longer then I was ever following Ray. he was the 1st to introduce me to the fundy/crazy crowd.

    I have copies of all of his videos (in avi format) if anyone wants them (and we can figure out how to get them to you). No I didn't buy them, I torrented them or downloaded them from people that had them posted on their sites. most of them are good quality

  2. I have a few posts on Hovind on my blog. I agree, we should also branch out to these other advocates of intelligent design..you know, people who think it's science.

    I agree Dale.

  3. No, damn your eyes...no! This is RAYTRACTORS, and we shall only discuss Ray Comfort!!!!


    Just kidding. We should definitely critique any of those morons.

  4. Well, Dale, if this will help get the rest of the splinters out, I'm all for it!

  5. Why stop at easy targets? Why not people like Alister McGrath? I like the Disco Institute idea as well and ICR.

  6. I also nominate Todd Bentley for some in depth bashing.

  7. I'd like to add David Barton and Wallbuilders to the list.
    And Coral Ridge Ministries...those fuckers

  8. We could add Adnan Oktar / Harun Yahya to the list. The Turkish HovindHam ultracreationist ("Intelligent design is Satan's work!"), infamous for his full-color liefest "The Atlas of Creation", currently serving 3 years in prison (under appeal) for sexual extortion, rape, and founding an illegal organization for the purpose of personal enrichment. But debunking HovindHam's stuff is the same as debunking Oktar's stuff, it's basically a carbon copy muslim version.

    Then the Genesis Land AG, the Swiss corporation who plan to build creationist theme parks all over Europe. Their German project perished when they couldn't find enough donations (we don't have enough nutters, yay), but they still exist. Worth keeping an eye on from time to time.


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