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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Doggerel Song

It's doggerel! It's doggerel!
(Er, please ignore that funny smell.)
When ice skates go on sale in hell,
We'll all be swapping doggerel!

When Montague wed Capulet
Was it a sin? -- Oh, yeah, you bet.
"My error," quoth fair Juliet
"Is one which I cannot regret."
(Chorus: It's doggerel, it's doggerel, etc.)

When Ezekiel wrote his prophecy
The critics wondered privately,
"Ye gods, what sort of devilry
Made verse twenty of chapter twenty-three?"
(repeat Chorus)

A Comfortable trade he plied;
His message travelled far and wide,
With Friend Intangible at his side.
It's just a shame the preacher lied.
(repeat Chorus)

A houseboat in the Florida Keys
Hosts Terry's personalities,
Whose favorite computer keys
Are Ctrl-As, Ctrl-Cs, and Ctrl-Vs.
(repeat Chorus)

Evolutionary biologist
Put fundergarments in a twist;
Since placed upon the banished list,
Clostridiophile, you're greatly missed.
(repeat Chorus)

To Irukandji, Flinging Dust,
And other friends of fragile trust
Forever wrecked, I finally must
Admit it: This-here poem's a bust.

Final Chorus:

It's doggerel, it's doggerel!
(Oh, can't we fix that horrid smell?!)
If you ain't feelin' 'zackly swell,
You just don't 'preciate doggerel!

Dedicated to the Comfort blog regulars who inspired me. You know who you are. And in one case, who you aren't. -- Signed, Weemaryanne

(Reposted here because a poet's friends MUST listen to his crap, even if they've heard it before. It's a rule.)


  1. *Oh! The Bells Of Fame Ring For Thee!*

  2. Careful, or I'll start posting the epic that I'm working on. (Yes, I know, epic is a very pretentious word - but dammit, that's what it is!)

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