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Monday, July 21, 2008

Pretty dead over there...

Just checked "Atheist Central" and there's not a whole lot going on. He still has his Newton (formerly Plato) post with less than 40 comments - a far cry from what he usually would have by this point. Not one in the past few days has cracked over 100 comments.

So, what will he do to try and bait us this time? Post your guesses here! And no fair checking his page first and then coming back here and claiming psychic powers when your "guess" is correct.

I predict that he'll do a "crockaduck" style post with more crazy "transitional" forms.


  1. I'm sure he's going to insult us again.

    He might quote one of us. Our blog is getting more posts.

  2. The harder he tries, the harder I will laugh and define as a victory.

  3. He'll compare atheists to Hitler and then say that Hitler was a huge fan of Darwin's work.

  4. He'll try to pretend that we are so 15 minutes ago by writing a parable for the Rayniacs. He'll pretend that it has nothing to do with us, but it will contain no less than 5 references to "nonbelievers," "atheists," etc.

    It will probably stretch into pure insanity beyond the current state, as he tries to lure us back with blatant, obvious mistakes that he figures we'd pounce on.

    Hey, Lance, could we put up a counter to mark the days of the "strike?" (we need a better name for it)

  5. Without us who would he threaten with physical harm after death?

  6. I am beginning to think that I may NOT be posting in Rays blog much after this.

  7. As soon as I can figure out a good way to do a good day counter, I will shaggy.

  8. Love the new ticker...lets see if we can get that puppy into the triple digits!

  9. If it gets into the triple digits, Ray would probably be weeping.

    You can quote me on it, Ray.

  10. Better yet, He'll probably fall back on the old cliche, "If we comes from monkeys, why are their still monkeys."

    That would guarantee that one of us would have to politely chime in and and say, "You know better, Ray, I know you do. Why continue the lie?"

    Just sayin'.

  11. MacGyver Jr,

    It would be interesting to know the stats. The difference between the "views" (hits,)and the number of comments will tell us how many "lurkers" there are here checking us out.

  12. Oh right.
    Yeah, and I know Ray knows he's being dishonest.

    Any honest person would've said, "You're right, I'll learn more about evolution before I make an ignorant remark."

    Nope. Not Ray, he prefers,"I'd rather not study up on it, and rely on a very old book filled with 66 Fairy Tales, written by around 40 different people at different times, and put together by a group of men selectively. That's more reliable!"

  13. Clostridiophile,
    You said,

    "Love the new ticker...lets see if we can get that puppy into the triple digits!"

    Considering we are in the low single digits, I admire your optimism and enthusiasm!

    Remember though, we're dealing with freethinkers here- kinda like herding cats- can't be done. Yet, I like the solidarity. In my experience, freethinkers tend not to be a clannish bunch.

    We have seen though, that the more specific the goal, the more cooperation we recieve.

    Having said that, what is our goal?

  14. Having said that, what is our goal?

    Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. We can set up our lair in my hollowed-out volcano.

    In all seriousness, that's a good question. I'm not sure that we need one though. For now, we've created a place to critique Ray Comfort that's not subjected to his arbitrary rules.

    Personally, as I've stated before, I'd love to see this site come up as one of the first few results of a Google search for Ray Comfort.

  15. Mark W. Laine has his review of Ken Ham's creation museum. And he also doesn't know that Ray changed that post. He gave the usual Mark W. Laine arrogant Christian answer to Dis. They slay me (and deep down, you know they'd love to).

  16. That's ambitious, Lance. We're competing with Wikipedia, the Uncyclopedia, and at least two other online ministries that're convinced Ray is spreading a "false" gospel. (/eyeroll)

    However, it's worth keeping in mind for the long run. In the meantime, just hanging out and refuting Ray is enough to be going on with.

    I may join Clos and Ranting in staying away from ComfortSwill.

    I feel for David W. Irish, John Doyle, and Steven J. -- three straight talkers and fine writers who will get nothing for their efforts except derision from the Comfortables. Shouldn't we invite them to at least have a look at our neighborhood? (I know David W. Irish has his own blog.)

    Perhaps we should also invite Jason. Yeah, he's a believer but he hates Ray's lies as much as we do.

    I'm gonna stop before Mac Jr and Lance offer to put me in charge of this blog. I didn't mean to tell you your business, fellas.

  17. "La Raysistance"? Love it!

    My guess: More Photoshopped nonanimals.

    Suggestions in case Ray comes around here looking for inspiration:

    - Snakebird
    - Pigeonewt
    - Tunadeer

  18. @dale

    Being that this is Blogspot and not my own personal webserver, I'll see what I can find out, but my hopes are pretty low unfortunately. But, I just set us up with Google's Webmaster tools, so, who knows...

  19. And If people want us to go up in the Google rankings, the biggest thing to do Is give us a shout out on your own personal blogs and get our name out. The more people that link to us and associate us with Comfort, the higher our ranking

  20. We have to stay away longer. Two weeks is not enough. Frankly, I say we should just post here from now on...let's watch the action unfold like we're anthropologists.

    To get interesting results, we really have to let nature take its course.

  21. @Wemaryanne

    I wish I had more time to invite the others, I pretty much stuck to the ones who had a email link in profile or even a profile. But if anyone wants to put links in the comments of other Raytractor's blogs (those that may not know about us yet) feel free.

  22. I'm with Mac.

    We should put this blog more out there.

  23. Clos..."Without us who would he threaten with physical harm after death?"

    Yup, that gets right to the heart of Christianity - how childishly adversarial (sp?) it is.

    Everything is a battle of good vs evil, no shades of grey or any other. If there's not an enemy availible then they'll have to create one - I say they start turning on each other like a pack of starving jackals any day now.

  24. Geoff said,

    "We have to stay away longer. Two weeks is not enough. Frankly, I say we should just post here from now on...let's watch the action unfold like we're anthropologists."

    That's what I'm saying!! All the ridicule, without giving Ray the satisfaction...he doesn't respond anyways, why not try and drag his lackies over here...they like arguing as much as us. How can the crazy angries over there get mad...at each other??? Well, I'm sure they can say that they believe more or something stupid like that, but...anthropologists....I like the sound of that!

    Dale said:

    "Remember though, we're dealing with freethinkers here- kinda like herding cats- can't be done. Yet, I like the solidarity. In my experience, freethinkers tend not to be a clannish bunch."

    I know, I've gotten the memo from Dawkins et al. I don't think we need to herd cats once everyone sees what happens over there. Maybe have someone slip over there once in awhile to remind them we are here (if Ray lets the post through).

    You might say its easy for me to say this since under my username I can't go back...but I could make up a new profile, and I haven't...I prefer my blog and this over banging my head against the wall. I'd rather just say my peace and hi-5 everyone.

    Dale, I do like your idea on your post about expanding this. With all of us, we can do all the Ray posting, but why stop there? Why not tackle idiocy in all its forms? We have a wonderful opportunity as a group of like-minded individuals to learn from one another on multiple topics, to expose nuttery, and keep theists honest-or at least point out their dishonesty. What do ya'll thinK?

  25. I've agreed since the beginning..
    Ever since god made the heavens and erf.

  26. I think that Ranting Student's guess was closest. It's the usual blah blah blah.

  27. He doesn't seem to have accused us of cowering away in the face of scriptute. That surely has to come.
    Ray has the mentality of a 10 year old who thinks he is being crafty. How long though can he resist calling us chicken.

  28. The Celtic Chimp:

    No, but someone else, I can't recall who, said something about we're hiding or running from the gospel. I'm sure it warmed the cockles of Ray's heart when he read it.


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