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Monday, July 14, 2008

Who are we?

I thought it might be cool for all of the Raytractors and Raytractor lurkers even to give a little who/what/where sort of a thing. I realize that we can find out most of that stuff by checking the individual profiles, but I thought it might be cool to have it all in one place.

I was going to write mine here, but I'll do it in the comments section so it can be seen with everybody else's.

And of course, only give as much info as you're comfortable with giving. (Am I the only one whose screen name is his actual name?)


  1. Okay, take 2 (blogspot crashed the last time I tried this):

    I'm a 34 year old high school English teacher in Martinez, CA (about 45 minutes from San Francisco, depending on traffic).

    It's fairly easy being an atheist here, as it's a fairly liberal area. No doubt, I don't have to put up with some of the crap that some of you might. In fact, most of my friends are atheists and agnostics.

    Aside from harassing Ray Comfort, I enjoy cooking, homebrewing, comic books, walking my dog, and movies.

    The best part about being an atheist? The fact that I can kill people at random and not feel bad about it.

  2. Hey there all,

    I'm Meagan, I'm 23 and I'm working on my second degree - this one in Business Management. You'd be amazed how difficult it is to get lab work with just a measely degree in Biology these days.

    I'm from Kitchener(Ontario, Canada) - and it's fairly easy to be an atheist here. I sometimes feel like the States is a whole other world down there!

    When I'm not trying to explain to theists why evolution isn't 'just a theory', I like to read, go to the gym, write, cook, and play hours upon hours of video games with my fiance.

  3. I'm Jonathan (known by all as JT on the web). I am currently working on a bachelors in Computer Science (graduating next year) with specialization in information assurance and cyber security. I am planning on working for the Department of Defense through an internship (or with my Lord Google, if possible).

    I live in Dallas, TX, a state where the governor not too long ago linked atheism with pedophilia and murder.

    I work as a computer programmer, specifically developing websites. I am currently working on launching an atheist-only development company, where I would only do atheist websites, or websites owned by atheists.

    Besides pulling my hair out at regurgitated claims such as the Bible being the oldest books, or biblical support for dinosaurs, I enjoy anything computer related, volunteering, reading, and watching movies.

  4. I guess I'm next. My real world name is Jaymes (Jay to friends though) and aside from 12 years in the middle I was born, raised, and live in MN. The years in the middle were in West Lafayette, IN.

    I like Piña colonics and getting caught in the drain, I've never made yogurt, I ate half a brain. I like baking doves at midnight in bloomers and a cape... ummm...never mind that part, what I meant to say was that I am your typical geek when it comes to computers, phones and everything tech related, I enjoy reading and watching sci-fi and fantasy. I also like cooking (I would like to learn how to brew wine and beer). What got me into learning more about evo/devo is that my dad is a biologist (parasitologist) and I was just old enough (middle & high school) as he got his Ph.D.to understand what he was doing and be cheap lab help. I have no desire to do Biology as a job, but I still find it fascinating.

    Oh, and pens, I love pens whether they are Rotring, Sensa, Fisher, or whatever. I always tell people that if they are looking to get me a gift, get me a pen that writes well (and I've had pens less than $5 that write fantastic) or something I can use in my kitchen.

  5. Depends what you mean by "real name." My real name is Steve, but about 75% (though I'm actively trying to reduce that number) do actually know me as Shaggy.

    i'm a 27-year old professional something-or-the-other who recently graduated from my local University of Toronto with a Honours B.A. in History and German (ATHEISTS = NAZIS!! OMG!). I am big science nerd at heart, under a liberal arts geek, and since I can't always get the science right I date girls who can.

    I recently saw Hemant Mehta speak here in Toronto, and am about to finish his book. Despite the frustration over Mr. Comfort, he's the type of atheist I'd like to be.

    When I talked to him, I asked him what he'd do with Ray. his response was that you can't change his mind, but you change the minds of the others in his blog. How, I have no idea.

    I'm in the Zealous Atheist phase, not having properly acknowledged it until about this time last year, so I'm building up my skills in defending it against all the "It's just another faith." Am considering going to join the Centre for Inquiry or some other freethought group, as I find it tough to find atheists who actually want to talk about it.

    Otherwise, I've been slowly watching all the old-school Doctor Who, I swing dance and recently bought a Wii. I've been performing in the Toronto shadow cast of Rocky Horror for eleven years, which I think says more than enough.

  6. My name is Jason, I'm quickly approaching 30 (yikes!), happily married, I love beer and wine, and like several here I want to learn how to make them both. I love to fish, in fact I used to compete. If I ever go to a mall, you will usually find me in the bookstore and can be "picked up" there after all the shopping is done. I distrust most authority, and disdain clergy (not because of anything done to me, but because they lie to children). I have a B.S. in biology and a Ph.D. in microbiology. I work on microbial enzymes, bioinformatics and genomics. I live on the East Coast of the U.S., and am pretty well frustrated with Americans. I like my country, but don't like the current euphamism "patriot" because today it means blind obedience and nationalism. I enjoy debating religious people...as you might have noticed...we have a local group that gets together to debate about Christianity, and its almost too damn easy! On weekends you will either find me drunk in my backyard with music blasting, a bonfire roaring, playing bocci or cornhole with Steve and some of our friends...or in Panera bread sipping coffee and reading.

  7. My name is Gary Connolly.

    I am a 31 year old software developer from Dublin, Ireland. It is largely irrelevant being an atheist here. We have very few devout catholics here now, though Ireland was at one point a stonghold of catholicism. Almost all the schools in Ireland are still run by christian organisations but the church has almost completely lost its power anyway :)
    Most of my friends are atheist/agnostic. I truly feel sorry for any Atheist living in the bible belt in the states. It must be a surreal experience.

    When not struggling to find just one more synonym for stupidity I enjoy computer games (specifically World of WarCrack). Sad I know. I also enjoy reading, scuba diving when possible, intelligent conversation and very recently going to the gym. I enjoy human sacrifice and obediently do the bidding of my lord Satan. I also love movies.

    I have a new line on my life's to do list. "Sample one of lance's homebrews"

  8. I usually go by my second name...Which is Daniel.

    I live in...get ready for this...

    Bellflower, Ca.

    Yeah. That's where Ray lives apparently too. My father has had a few run ins with Kirk Cameron at the mall, and I go to the library that Ray and Kirk are sometimes seen in. You know, the one with the giant skeleton of a t-rex. That's the childrens area.

    there, now you guys know.
    I have yet to see Ray, but I might someday.

    I love to read. :)

  9. Hey Gary,

    I'm a recovering Warcrack addict myself. I had a level 70 Balance Druid in full tier 6(yes, including the Sunwell pieces) - that I sold in a fit of insanity.

    I'm trying to re-level, but every time I log on and look at my level 30-something newbdruid, I just get all emo about it. =)


    I would be interested(in the not creepiest way possible) to find out what kind of lifestyle Mr. Comfort has down there. I understand that his ministry makes millions of dollars - and I want to know how much of it he's put towards his house, car, etc. So if you ever stumble across him or someone who knows him well, let me know. =)

  10. Oh, you WoW folks. I played that for six months, got my undead Rogue to lvl 42 and then quit because I didn't care to pay $50 for new content in the form of an expansion.

    Went back to my first MMO love, City of Heroes, and have hardly looked back.

  11. Hi Atheists!!

    Can one of you pass this on to Flinging Dust? Thanks a million!

    HAPPY Tuesday FD!

    I must have really ruffled your feathers... You devoted a blog to me. Wow!

    Are you a little color blind? The reason why I ask, is because the "avatar" is a very colorful painting title "Genesis" that looks nothing like bacon, unless one was colorblind.

  12. Maragon,

    I'm a relative newb myself. I have no idea what a balance druid is but the other bit was about arena gear I think :). I have almost got my first char to level 40 (yeay-mount) I am of course a fire mage :)

  13. Hey Michelle,

    Last I checked, Flinging Dust allows comments on her blog. Why don't you post over there?

  14. Hey Gary,

    You'll be happy to know that the mount requirement was dropped to 30 in a patch that came out today - so when you log on next, you can go buy your first mount.

    I assume you play on the EU realms?

  15. Also, sorry for hijacking your awesome "get to know people" thread with all of our nerdy WoW talk.

    *Goes to sit quietly in the 'lame' corner.*

  16. Also, sorry for hijacking your awesome "get to know people" thread with all of our nerdy WoW talk.


    Heh...just jokin'. I can tell that you guys were just trying to distract yourselves from the fact that none of you has ever seen a crockaduck.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. @


    You are so funny!! Thanks for the laughter, I truly appreciate it! :)

  19. FD,

    I think she is killing you with kindness.

  20. Guys,

    No I do not want to talk too much about me right now. I am not Clos, though. But Clos, your research seems quite close to mine. Well, not true, genomics with bioinformatics and microbiology might be quite a HUGE area or research. Are you coming to the ismb08 at toronto?


  21. Milo, better than the stupidity she has been spreading over at Ray's.

    Michelle, if you have something to say directly to me about something I write on my blog, how about saying it there.

    Okkkkkk....the about me thing, I've got 5 minutes, let's see what I can reveal.

    First name Flinging, last name Dust. If and when I get to know you better I will tell you my given name.

    I am a perpetual student, spent 5 years studying psychology as a major with a minor in English lit. Also studied religion. Am getting ready to return to school again for a BS in vascular sonography. Happily married, 39, love to read --mostly Russian lit and science/medical related stuff, childless by choice, love to travel but don't get to do enough of it, Lawrence Ferlinghetti is my favorite poet and I had the pleasure of meeting him last October, Allan Ginsberg is my second favorite, I once memorized pretty much the whole poem 'Kaddish', I enjoy photography, I'm a bitch in real life too--I don't just play one on the internet, I grew up Baptist--of the fundy variety, converted to Catholicism and then realized that all of religion is illogical and nothing more than the worship of myth. Oh, and I've never watched Hell's Best Kept Secret and don't plan to. If there is anything else you want to know, just ask. Once I get to know you better I just might answer.

    And please, pardon my troll.

  22. get_education: you're accused of being Clos as well? I am too. He must be a busy guy, managing all those personalities.

  23. @Disco Ignorance:He must be a busy guy, managing all those personalities.

    Well if Terry can do it...

  24. Does it matter whether or not I consider myself atheist?

    I'm Andy, 32. I'm 6"3", 225lbs, 2 kids (who are my life) and a wife (she’s ok). I like ice cream sandwiches, beer and the idea that you haven’t lived life until you've shit your pants as adult. Im' an electrical engineer, but work as a quality engineer for the aerospace industry.

    I have a passion tattoos, Zen Buddhism, fishing, philosophy and words. I'm not religious because I have complete disdain for the entire institution, but nonethess I have a great deal of respect for Christianity by itself and tend to defend it from a gnostic / Buddhist perspective. I think Ray's approach is completely asinine and it bothers me that this angle is what people are using these days to validate Christianity. As a result I don't blame you guys one bit for being atheist.

    I have a real bad philosophy habit, you name him and I've probably read or studied him at one time or another. This doesn't make me intelligent on these matters by any means. For example, I have a little brother who was in martial arts for years and is now in the military; I'm still kickin his ass to this day (lotta' good all that training did him). Point being, I'm not a genius on the subject, it's simply an obsessive hobby.

    I've been blogging for years but have never maintained a consistent blogg of my own. I like to read Ray for the same reason I like to watch "America's Funniest Home Videos" from time to time. It' nice to tune in and watch people make fools of themselves and get a good laugh. The difference here is, you can participate.

    I suppose I should mention that I grew up with both Christian and Buddhist influences (long story). Point is that Buddhism for me isn’t just something I started reading about one day for fun; as with most white bread Americans Buddhism is simply a pop culture fad and they may run around quoting Watts or something ridiculous like that.

    One last thing, I consider myself an educated man and well read, but for some reason I can’t spell worth a shit.

    And yet one more last thing since I think it’s safe to say it here. I think Sye Tenb is a moron. And on Ray’s Einstein string I’m hoping he’ll finally shut his trap.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Andrew,

    It doesn't matter, we welcome all here, I'm agnostic/ignostic but if there were a christian who was sick of Ray, they are welcome here too

  27. DisComforting Ignorance,

    Yes, I was accused of being Clos from the very beginning. By then Clos was already banned, so I had no clue who this guy was, until, after a few posts, Ray talked about a banned person whose tag-name was Clostridium, then Clostridiophile. With that, I found my "alter-ego."

    I did not see them accusing you of also being Clos. Have they been insistent on it? With me, they did it in several ways, Terry was the first, then other christians would ask me if they could call me "Clos" instead. Then Ray called me Clos too (he answered one of my posts with a "Thanks you Clos"). I have no idea why. So there.


    I know I also make a fool of myself from time to time, and that you might enjoy that too. I am ok with it. :-)


  28. Oh Andrew,

    Sye is not a moron. Please, any moron would be offended by your statement.

    (now seriously, Sye is beyond repair, poor lad)


  29. The casual reader coming to this site doesn't realize that I am everyone here. I am really sick and this is my cry for help. Sometimes I call myself Lance, sometimes Disco, sometimes G.E., and when I'm wearing bear skin I call myself "clos". There's more, lots of people here, most I'm not even aware of. I even argue with myself...you might have noticed FD and Michelle...me...and me. I'M EVEN RAY COMFORT!!! That's my blog too! And I hate this Goddamn mustache, I make all kinds of dick jokes about it, but can't shave it off. Oh God, I just shit myself...

  30. Oh, so this is where all you losers hang out.

    Hey, My name is Steve and I've been an alcoholic for 5 years. Oh sorry, wrong group.

    Any way, I'm in oregon. AKA nowhere. I'f been stalking Ray for like two years now. Planning to kidnap him in a panel van and force feed him 24/7 sesame street and white noise torture. J/K (for legal reasons). He's still funny for some reason. I've discovered that actually stupid people are funnier than actors ACTING stupid.

    Anyway, Imma finish my 40 and watch Jumper (sweat movie YO!)

  31. Yo, can I pull up a chair in the back of the room?

    I'm Charles and go by Charles most of the time. I'm an acupuncturist and massage therapist in Portland, OR (which now gives Terry enough info to hunt me down).

    (Gee, I miss the really intense days of Terry's sock puppet freak show. How many of you guys have also received email death threats from him? He's actually pretty mild these days.)

    Former resident of NYC, formerly married (twice), currently 45 years old and will be for another year or so, I think.

    I started hanging around Ray's site maybe back in January, and have had a good time there every since, though I haven't been so active these days. Mostly I'm just glad that Ray and crew have finally convinced me that it's actually impossible for their god to exist, and so I really am relieved of much of my fear of death.

    I blaspheme, fornicate (and hope one day to be as good at it as my girlfriend is), and generally try to make the world a better place.

    Peace out. Word.

  32. Hello freethinkers! Daniel paid me a visit and I thought I'd return the favor. Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone else out there, nice to see there is life after all.
    My name is Russell, I work as a desktop technician at a major hospital in the Kansas City area. No formal education, although I do study constantly.
    My subjects are Evolutionary Biology, Philosophy, Music, (mostly baroque era), and exposing the myth, and lies of religion.
    I'm 50, married to a delightful younger woman of 40. I have three kids, none of which live with me, (one is being held hostage by a fundamentalist redneck).
    Looks like you have a nice group here. I usually hang out at Pharyngula. I am also known as Da__Vinci on xanga, where I've been blogging for the last 4 or 5 years.
    Always nice to make new friends, so drop on by and say hi.

  33. Hi all,

    My name is Matt and I am an ex-pat (the clever ones amongst you may have figured this out already!). I'm originally from Grimsby in the UK and I'm now somewhere else, somewhere were The Terry Burtons can't find me...

    I'm a civil engineer who tries to be civil but can't avoid getting snarky in the face of abject stupidity...and since I enjoy getting snarky every once in a while, I've started to hang around Ray's blog.

    I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing, but I'm trying to catch up and get involved because I enjoy a good discussion and this particular topic is right up there with the best of them.

    I am strongly in favour of strike action against Ray Comfort - just to see how he would deal with losing all the atheists from 'Atheist Central'.

    I am also Clos in disguise....or am I?

  34. Salty ol' curmudgeon.
    Inquisitive contrarion.
    Hopeless introvert balanced by wife who is musician and entertainer.

    If you don't like it, go piss up a rope. :>

  35. You are all Clos in disguise.
    The most successful sockpupeteer ever on the intertoobs.

  36. Dale, you're incorrect..The number one is Terry Burton AKA Y AKA Z AKA ALLFIREDUP AKA RAY COMFORT AKA FRED PHELPS

  37. Waiting to hear the answer to this post:


    Regarding your view of masturbation, two question:

    1) Where does the Bible say that it is wrong?

    2) How is one to remain physically and psychologically healthy while stifling a basic bodily function? Have you succeeded in this task? If so, how?

  38. Waiting to hear the answer to this post...

    Hmmm...wouldn't it involve lust? I don't know about you, but it's not like your thoughts can be entirely neutral while doing that.

    Holy crap! I'm thinking like a Rayniac!

    Still - I'm damn proud of you that the question even slipped by.

  39. Waiting to hear the answer to this post:


    Regarding your view of masturbation, two question:

    1) Where does the Bible say that it is wrong?


    2) How is one to remain physically and psychologically healthy while stifling a basic bodily function? Have you succeeded in this task? If so, how?

    Wet Dreams are from Satanus.

  40. The ranting student,

    Now you're just being silly. We all know Gravity evolves - Ray told us so.

  41. I wonder what gravity is evolving into. One thing we don't know is what it used to be...after all, there are NO transitional fossils ;)

  42. I personally don't even believe in gravity.

    I think that Jesus is simply holding everything down.


  43. Uncle, uncle, I believe, I BELIEVE!!!

  44. You're right!!!

    The burden of proof is on ME to prove Jesus isn't holding everything down.

  45. I'm always right. Because the Bible is always right because God is always right and the Bible says God wrote it.

    Maybe if you READ the Bible instead of 'thinking for yourself' or trying to 'science' everything you saw, you'd KNOW that Jesus is holding you down right now. Because he loves you.

  46. I'm invoking Poe's Law, I can't tell whether you are kidding anymore!! I sounds too authentic!! AHHHHHHH!!!

  47. I guess I'm a little late as far as introducing myself, but here goes:

    I'm 29 years old and have lived in California all of my life. Lance (as in Lance Christian Johnson) has been my partner for 10 1/2 years and my hubby for the last 6 years. I've been working in Special Education for 8 years and I can't see myself doing anything else.

    I'm one of those people who doesn't say much on Ray's blog but I visit the site several times a day. I feel like I've been on the fence about whether or not I'm really an atheist for a long time. I've been calling myself an agnostic for several years now. All of you have really given me a lot to think about and I appreciate how real you guys are. I'm not nearly as informed as many of you guys are, which is why I don't say much on Ray's blog. I may be just about ready to finally admit to myself what I should have admitted a long time ago.

    I may finally be off the fence.

  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. Kirsti,

    God bless you....ah, I mean, good to know we have had an influence. We atheists are some pretty fun and moral people, as you know based on your cool hubby. Glad to know you! Took me awhile too to come to this conclusion...tough in this country.

  50. ah, man! I'm late for the drunken pagan orgy. jesus fucking christ! (hey that felt pretty good)

    Anyways, my real name is Damian. I am a chemist by profession. I do analytical research in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    I currently live in Jersey, but lived out in San Diego for about 9 years prior to now.
    Um what else...oh I have beautiful full pouty lips and thick sexy thighs and areally huge rack for a dude. :P


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