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Monday, July 14, 2008


Over at my blog, Expatmatt said:

As a regular silent reader of Ray's blog (now entitled: 'Atheist Central' - the delusions of grandeur continue...) I'd just like to say that you guys should definitely write a book. There needs to be some physical testament (ahem) to the long hours and tireless writing you guys & gals have contributed.

Put me down on the pre-order list...

What we should do, guys and gals, is follow this advice and start copying the atheist comments from Ray's blog archives and start taking the good arguments out. We've already done alot of this work. We will have to expound on it, but this will be a good way to start. Also, this will vanguard against Ray deleting anything.


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Seriously, you guys are making Ray even more of a celebrity by taking anything that he says seriously! Why not just ignore him, if he's such a crackpot?

  2. because people such as yourself find him so convincing. You need help, and we are here to help.

  3. Well, some folks are beyond help, I'm afraid (Terry, Mark W. Laine, etc.) but as the post by Expatmatt proves, there are a lot of lurkers and fence-sitters out there who might not normally hear the atheist side if it weren't for the likes of us.

    As I've written before (don't remember where) it was reading dicussion forums on alt.atheism that helped me to see just how much of a fallacy religion represents.

  4. Ha ha.

    The Terry's [They're a group now] are beyond help.

  5. @ lance christian johnson

    Just to be clear; while I have been 'lurking' at a number of web forums/blogs - Ray's included - for a while now, I have myself firmly planted on the atheistic side of the fence.
    I'm sure there are many others who are not so sure though, and they need you guys & gals more than ever.

    The many great contributors here (yourself included) do a great service in your rebuttals and reasoning and I've found myself paraphrasing many of your comments in my real life (it's amazing how many people have no idea what evolution is!). So, thanks for all your work.

  6. Exactly well stated expatmatt! It is also a learning experience for those who are already convinced and need to learn better about stuff. Like myself. For instance, I learned the whole vocabulary of fallacies without paying for a book (I complemented with lots of sources, but without some "fallacy names," it would have been more difficult).

    Lots of learning that we might share guys. I agree, taking very good arguments from our posts over there, and organizing them, should be a first task towards that book.


  7. I wonder if there even would be a market for rebuttals to Ray's various books.

    I think most atheists dismiss what he has to say as nonsense - no de-bunking required.

  8. Your probably right, Maragon, I have been thinking about this...we could use Ray as a common example of this type of thinking, most of the arguments are recycled from other ministries. We'll see what happens.


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