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Monday, July 14, 2008

Atheist Central???

Ray changed the name of his blog AGAIN??? Comfort Food, then Soap Box, and now....ATHEIST CENTRAL??? Why not REPOSITORY OF CHRISTIAN BULLSHIT? So this is his big surprise, he's moving up in the world, to a larger publisher....but I wonder what will become of our comments?


  1. I can't quite tell what he means by "larger presence on the web." How does this actually work? Will he be joining something like ScienceBlogs? This new name is just so freaking condescending.

    You realize that this success is entirely due to all the atheists hitting up Atheist Central - the Soap Box: Comfort Food, Ray Comfort's Blog. If we all just went away, he wouln't have so many views.

  2. I would be happy with all of us just reading his posts and working on the book. We are targeting him, not his cronies...notice he never dialogues with us anyhow. You are correct, and what would be hilarious is if he was picked up and then atheist commenting went to shit over there. I haven't commented over there in months and I'm still alive and well....

  3. Actually...That would be a nice idea...

    Just...some kind of strike.

  4. Ranting Student,

    I have toyed with the idea of a boycott myself. I get a little tired of the complaints that athesists are mean and arrogant and need to get a life. I think Ray has taken us for granted and until we get a little more appreciation we should just stay home. But I am too lazy to organize a strike.

  5. Well, once he announces his moving up in the world, everyone agrees to stop posting comments on his site or a week.

    What'll be funny is you'll have him saying both "man this place is nicer," but also "come back atheist, we love and miss you!"

    I almost wonder how effective it would be to negotiate with him for good behaviour in exchange for our return :-P


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