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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friel got Barkered!

If anyone hasn't seen the Dan Barker v. Todd Friel debate, please watch it. Barker, preacher turned atheist really destroys the argument for a loving God. This is the argument that led me to atheism. Theodicy is really a problem for Comfort et al. just as much as the idea that Hell is "judgement", that the crucifixion somehow "paid our debt", and that this "design" is "good". I really appreciate preachers who have had a turn of heart because they know the arguments inside and out. For those interested in the problem of suffering, check out Bart Ehrman's latest book "God's Problem". We need to recognize that when the arguements for design are refuted...morality always pops up, and this can be an even weaker case for the apologist if we know the arguments.


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  2. I hear you on the Bible based arguments, I get bored with them really quick as well. I've been conflicted as to whether I should read the Bible again or not. I find it difficult to justifying learning something that is based on something extremely tenuous.

    Dostoyesky deals with these really well in The Brothers Karamazov in the chapter "Rebellion". He lost his 3 year old while starting the book, so this became his central argument for the atheist side, which he wasn't necessarily in agreement with, but none-the-less made a great case for.

  3. I'll admit that I haven't read the Bible in its entirety, but honestly, I don't feel too concerned about that. I've read enough to know that I don't believe it.

    And let's be honest - while there are some good parts (literature wise) like The Sermon on the Mount, a lot of it really isn't all that compelling.

    Give me The Odyssey any day.

  4. Thank you for posting this.

    It's excellent.

    Friel is and always has been a tool.


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