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Friday, July 18, 2008

We're on Strike!

As per Rufus' suggestion, and what seems like popular demand - the Raytractors are going on strike. Why? To see what Ray's blog turns into without the most interesting part of it - namely, US!

When does it start? ASAP. When does it end? Somebody threw out the date of August 1. I'm fine with that. Post any objections to the comments section.

Oh, and if you feel the need to vent about his latest bit o' stupidity - post it here! Remember, anybody who doesn't like the theology of Ray Comfort can join up and make a post!


  1. I'll just say, I started my blog as I didn't care to debate people in the comments; there's no getting the clear point across. So, now I try and make a post and then make a comment and it often results in click-throughs to the post, and sometimes comments from them.

    So, I'm definitely not one of the "major players" in the comment sections, but if you all are participating, I will as well :-)

  2. I can't post over there, but I support this 100%. Ray just changed the blog name because of you all. The best thing to do is fuck him by not showing up. Post over here...the water is more to our liking ;)

    Get other atheists to come over here.

  3. Atheists Central my ass - this is where we are!

  4. Okay. Starting today, at least two weeks. And maybe see who can go the longest without staring at the car wreck over there.

  5. We'll know that we've done something when he makes a blog post about it.

  6. I've been thinking about how Ray might respond. He probably try to be funny. He try to say that he only cares about whether we post or not because he cares about whether we go to heaven and hell. He'd never admit it had anything to do with his ego. I'm also looking forward to what certain of his buddies will have to say. Maybe it'll break Terry Burton out of copying and pasting that same piece by "Eugene West" over and over. Maybe he'll go one post without mentioning Hell's Best Kept Secret and his blogs/web site. What will All Fired Up have to get fired up about? One of his brothers/sisters in Christ not putting enough exclamation points after "Great post, Ray"? Praise Jebus, it should be fun.

  7. You all,

    You will break him. I would argue, never go back, other than to get other skeptics/atheists to come over here. Just post over here in response. Hell, draw the Rayniacs away from Ray's blog to argue with us over here instead!

  8. Clos:

    They wouldn't like the language. They might go blind or be turned into pillars of salt.

  9. Yeah, that's true, their "real" god turns people to salt just for looking at something. I wonder what He would do to someone looking at this??!??

  10. I'm all for the strike.

    After trying, in vain, to explain to Vera like 6 times why she has no fucking idea what she's talking about, I'm ready for a break anyway.

  11. I'm tempted to do 1 post per thread though telling people like dale to come over here, I haven't invited some of the others because I don't have emails for them or even profiles some times

  12. Hey Maragon

    Yeah, you will never get through to Vera about anything. She has an 'answer' for everything and you can talk to your blue in the face and never get anywhere. I had the same issue when discussing American history with her a few months ago.

    Personally, I refuse to debate science with Fundies. I learned from past experience I don't have the constitution for it ;)

    But maybe the one comfort you can take is that you are probaly educating readers if not the person you are debating with.
    BTW, your responses in that discusion were excellent.

  13. Macguyver,

    I think personal messages works better. We can be as public here about what's going on as we want, but I think broadcasting it on Ray's blog either won't get through or will call too much attention to the "intent" of the strike. It would have so much more effect if the atheist stable just doesn't show up.

  14. I'm tempted to do 1 post per thread though telling people like dale to come over here,

    I'd be shocked if Ray let any reference, not to mention a link, be posted to his blog.

  15. While I am a mere lurker to the insanity which is Ray Comforts blog, I just thought I would drop a note of support to the cause. I think in about 2-3 days you will see a post about your absence.

  16. I'm on for the strike as well, after being told that is civil for them to call us 'Ah-theists', and that slavery in the bible was a good thing.

    Man the picket lines - one out, all out!

  17. Beh. I've had it with posting over there anyway...I doubt I was able to convince any of the people I was arguing with of anything.

    I never really expected to though. I'm just hoping that any "fence-sitters" may have been helped by the sources I listed in my various posts.

    Christ, the people over on ray's blog make the Rapture Ready people look smart.

  18. Nafa,

    "Yeah, you will never get through to Vera about anything. She has an 'answer' for everything and you can talk to your blue in the face and never get anywhere. I had the same issue when discussing American history with her a few months ago."

    It finally dawned on me that I was arguing with an idiot when she told me she had just as much authority on the subject because she had taken nursing.

    That's like me telling a doctor what to do because I have a 4 year biology degree - some pieces of knowledge may overlap, but it doesn't make me an expert.

  19. We're going to have to work hard to get more people participating in this strike.

  20. It may be too early to call - but it seems like there might be a slowdown already.

  21. I think a strike was long overdue.
    First Ray uses his posts to manipulate his audience and second I think he is trying to make money off of us either with his book or ads. Has anyone tried contacting Dale and Mudskipper through their blogs?

    Raytractors Unite!
    Always look the for the union label before posting.

  22. I'm aboard! Frankly, the always-precarious balance between amusement and despair that Ray and his lackeys inspire in me has been tipping towards plain old despair in recent weeks. It's time to move the party somewhere else - for instance, here.

  23. Actually, it'll be kind of interesting to watch. Let's see how long Ray's blog stays up as an echo chamber instead of a place to debate?

    I mean, how many different ways can you say "Great post, Ray"?

  24. I know I'm an infrequent poster, but count me in on this too.

    I sense a change in Ray's tone coming...... no, wait, just gas.

  25. You know, if we wanted to be assholes ourselves, we could post long, involved discussions and then backtrack and delete our comments.

    The Xtians will look like they're talking to themselves, which they probably do anyway!!

    It would be epic.

  26. captain howdy:

    I've thought about playing Terry Burton over at Ray's blog; multiple IDs and everything. I think I'd be a bit better at covering tracks stylistically and grammatically. We could also try to out Poe one another. That might be fun. Take Landover Baptist and the CARM site to the extreme.

  27. I would say that going down the route of false ids and fake postings is a very bad idea. The real posters there are bonkers enough already. It's much better just to let the average number of comments drop from 250 per post to 30 or less. Perhaps we should have a graph or something?

  28. Well howdy all,

    Finally found the info on the origin of the strike. Haven't had much time for Ray's nonsense lately, so first I noticed was Ray talking about the strike.
    I'll keep my head down for a while there.

    P.S. Love the idea for the new blog. Will be a reieve to finally be able to really say what I mean. Atleast 1/3 of my posts are currently censored at Ray's site.
    Oh well, all in the game.


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