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Friday, July 18, 2008

Just a thought

Hanging around Ray Comfort's blog and posting can be fun. It can also be frustrating. Reading Terry Burton's mindless, soul killing, repetitive bullshit. Sye Ten B's insanely vicious circular reasoning. All Fired Up, Vera and Doug, Mark W. Laine, all the rest. I propose that all of us regular non-believing posters take some time off from posting at Comfort's blog. Maybe a month, even two weeks. Just observe the blog and see what they write about without us there. I think it would be interesting. Just an idea.


  1. I think it would be a good idea.
    I'm in, if you all are in.

    Just to see how deep in shit it gets...

    I can imagine 100 comments reading...

    "Good post Ray!"

    at "Atheist Central"

  2. You know what?

    I'm pretty sure that if whenever Ray writes a new post, and us regulars don't post comments, they'll get curious...

    and then...you know...they might visit our blogs...

    And if we post a blog post refuting Ray, they'll be uber pissed because they wont be able to comment in NO MANS LAND unless they wanna get shot down...and none of their friends to back them up...because they'll be on atheist territory.

    I dont know. Maybe I'm going too far ahead..

  3. Agreed, I am not posting there for the next two weeks, at the least. Starting:

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, NOW!


  4. I'm in as well. Let's not start just yet though, as there are probably going to be some Raytractors who are going to post there before they see this.

    Let's propose an actual start and end time and try to get as many of us in on it as possible. I definitely think it would be interesting.

  5. I don't comment much on Ray's site anyway, but I think it's an interesting idea. I'd love to see what happens.

  6. Two weeks without posting at Comfort Swill. Agreed.

    On the sole condition that if -- pardon me, I mean WHEN Ray posts something asinine between now and August 2nd, we must all have a good time nuking it with sweet reason and acid humor, both here and on our own blogs.

    Mac, once you've got a few more strikers lined up, why don't you give us the start and end date/times.

  7. I'm in!
    Ray has too much power on his blog and you can tell he's trying to control us. I also think RS is right, maybe this will encourage people to come over here where they can comment a bit more freely.

  8. .....and it will give people the chance to take a break from Ray's nonsense and actually learn something.

  9. Sounds like a plan.

    Maybe he'll realize that his blog isn't "Atheist Central" and that he relies on the Lord's Funding Partners to keep us entertained.

  10. At the risk of sounding obvious, we can obviously still give our thoughts about his latest blog - we'll just do it here instead.

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  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Great idea...both for our sanity and an experiment.

    We'll always have this blog to stay in touch with each other.

    We can start posting again August first.

  14. Okay, so we are starting now? I was hoping that it would be just a sudden dead-stop, and this way it'll be more of a slow-down and then a stop. Considering that we're hardly an organized force, this probably makes more sense.

    I will make a separate post/announcement about it for the lurkers - giving it a clear headline in case they skip this one.

  15. Okay. I guess we can wait a few days and see who else comes on board and then set a date.

  16. I'm in, as well. This'll be interesting...

  17. Of course, Ray's latest post is the kind that is very hard to resist.

    And I was thinking, Terry Burton might get his friends in the DHS to track us all down and find out what happened to us. Be on the lookout for men in black, or low men in yellow coats.

  18. Easy for me to say since I was banned by Ray Comfort, but we should just peer over there and simply write our responses here. That's what I do at my blog. You can even post on the stupid comments over there...but here instead. If you see an atheist, have them come over here and become an author and simply attack Ray here. Ray would have no choice but to change the blog name.

  19. Oh...Fuckingsville...such a deliciously dumb post by Ray immediately after we agree not to respond to him for a few weeks.

    I can't shake the suspicion that Ray learned of our plan to go on hiatus and wrote this to bait us.

    Ray's "
    Debate and Switch
    " was posted so soon after the "Just a thought" comment and it is just a Chinese menu of IDiot misconceptions:

    --Confusing the big bang with biological evolution. Ray is even responding to someone who calls him to task for making this mistake, yet Ray's response makes the exact same mistake.

    --Mere assertions that there is no proof.

    --The argument from ignorance--"You have no explanation as to the origin of creation (how it began), why it began, or where the materials came from for the beginning."

    In other words, if science doesn't know something, Ray can just say "Goddidit" and it's true. The mere fact that it is an explanation means that it is true.

    --Ad-homs...Gullible, you.

    --All that matters is that you are going to Hell!!!!

    --No attempt to prove anything. Instead, just asserting the tenets of Christian Mythology and telling people to think really hard about them.


  20. You guys 'Crack Me Up!' ... How can you have a 'Strike' when Ray is not paying you? lol ;)

    I feel sorry for you! I really do!Praying for you!! BTW, I posted a blog in your honor 'Nazi Ranting'.

    You can find it under 'Nazism the Disease'. NO need to say Thanks!

    God Bless!!! Have a NICE Day!

    "It was the message 'Hell's Best Kept Secret' that set me on fire to evangelize the world. I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today without God having spoken to me through that message. I spent 3 years doing non-stop tract and personal evangelism from the time I first heard the message at 15 years of age until I left to go to Peru and China in 2002 after graduating from high school. I have now been a missionary for about 5 years . . . in the foothills of Tibet ministering to Buddhists and Muslims. I have prayed and longed for the day that 'Hell's Best Kept Secret' would no longer be the secret that it once was, and I am overjoyed to see all that God has done and is still doing!!!!" -- Eugene West


  21. Dear crazy Fundie Terry,

    We've ALL seen Hell's Best Kept Secret. It's flawed, ridiculous and has had no effect on us whatsoever.

    The only thing a repeat viewing would do would be to possibly cause my lunch to be dislodged from my stomach.

    Stop talking about it - no one cares and no one is convinced of anything other than the dangers of religion by your psychobabble.

  22. Psycho Terry Burton:

    If you're going to post here, fine. But at least try to be original. It's always Eugene West and Hell's Best Kept Secret and your moronic blogs. By the way, has "Steve"/Man with a Badge been captured by CHAOS?

  23. Hey, wait guys - he has a point.

    Oh, wait...no he doesn't.

  24. Hey Terry,

    how's being a chickenshit working for ya'? :)

    Praying that Jesus has anal with you in heaven, with Ray.

    Watch Hells Kitchen on Fox.

  25. Lance,

    I think his point is we need to spend more money on the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. *laughs*

    You guys really think that you are the only atheists over there? There are plenty of lurkers who know only about Ray's blog and are not going to stop coming at him just for you. You guys are hilarious!!!!

  28. @ Joshua

    "You guys really think that you are the only atheists over there?"

    I don't think we ever said that. However, we have slowed down his traffic significantly. It's also not only atheists who have a problem with Ray. I personally don't want to post there anymore because Ray can't admit when he's wrong, Ray is extremely arrogant and intolerant and there are too many posters like Terry who are trolls that contribute nothing to the conversation. I also don't like capitalizing the "G" in god and I don't think Ray deserves any attention over at his blog.


    No one said every atheist who has posted at Ray Comfort's blog would, or should, stop posting. We're not sheep. It's an ongoing experiment. So, being free from censors, EAT SHIT. And come on back.


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