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Friday, July 18, 2008

Comfort's Ridiculous Bait and Switch

Ray accuses a commentor of "bait and switch", while misrepresenting him, and at the same time, Ray "baits and switches" between evolution, origins of life and cosmological evolution. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Read on...


  1. How many days until Ray starts posting "crockaduck" style pictures again?

  2. I liked the "bullfrog" personally ;)

  3. 22 Comments so far, some by Raytractors who have been to this blog, so hopefully it will only be a matter of time before they see that we're on strike. (Assuming that they want to be on board - unlike the Christians, we don't have a hive-mind.)

    I saw a few names that I didn't recognize though. This might take two weeks just to start seeing some real results.

  4. After a new atheist commenter (there's a whole slew of them I haven't seen before - do we propose a means to bring them into the fold of the strike?) posted a ginormous list of transitional fossils and species, Ray has this to say:

    "Remy-Grace...These are not "species to species" transitional forms (if they are, and you have found "the missing link," call Time and National Geographic magazines. You will make the front cover)."

    Note that he doesn't explain why; he never does. He just says "Doesn't work," but doesn't explain why.

    I once asked the Lord's Funding Partners why Tiktaalik and Archaeopterix weren't transitional fossils, and someone responded with an article from Answers in Genesis saying "It's got a lot of things like a fish. So it's a fish. There ya go."

    Because.. y'know... a transitional fossil isn't a transitional fossil if it has more features of one than the other. Clearly not, it's a sudden leap rather than a gradual shift.

  5. Raytractors, STOP POSTING ON RAY'S BLOG!

  6. Hey, Clos - some of those may have gone through before they read about this.

    As for letting the other atheists know - we can see if they have blogs and comment on them.

  7. Yeah, Dale and Captain Howdy are regulars over there. I assume they've been invited to join this blog. Hopefully they'll get wind of the "Strike" and join in.

  8. lance christian johnson said:

    "This might take two weeks just to start seeing some real results."

    Great point. In a week-and-a-half, let's start posting to discuss whether to continue the strike. It might seem wise to extend the strike to get more atheists on board with the boycott and to see Ray's blog change in really distinct way.

  9. Guys remember we said we would not post there, not that we will not respond. I think Raytractors is a good place to let go a few words against Ray's shit.

    I do not feel this as much as a strike, than as let us see what happens. But that is fine. Let us know which is the official start. But I am not posting there anyway until after the two weeks after the official start.

    However, I think we might enjoy this better. Writing here I can call things by their proper name, and not be censured. I do not mean insulting people, but say things clearly without the feeling that, well, this might not get through.

    For instance, something as innocent as telling Ray:

    Ray, I know from experience that death can happen all of a sudden with no warning whatsoever. Are you sure you will be able to repent from your lies (for instance, as in misrepresentation of science) before you die?

    He did not let that one in. It was a bit longer, but that was the essence. Other times he allowed it, but maybe what bothered him this time was the "death can happen all of a sudden with no warning whatsoever." I do not know.

    For instance, there has been more than one occassion where the proper answer to, say mark w laine, was:

    mark, you're an asshole.

    So, let us see what happens,


  10. I'm going to let it out.

    Terry's a piece of shit.

    :) I wonder what he'll do without me. He'll probably start talking to himself again...

  11. Does anyone else remember Michelle (or maybe it was Emily) complaining the other day that "we've been explaining these things to you atheists since April and you still don't get it", or words to that effect?

    Early April was when I started commenting regularly, but if I expected to be the only atheist there then I wouldn't have had the nerve. However, Dale and Laura (later Irukandji) and Rufus and Captain Howdy and Clostridium (later Clostridiophile) were already making regular appearances.

    IOW, it's not as if Emily (or Michelle) could have been unaware of the existence of nonbelievers before April. So what's she complaining about?

    IIRC, the first name change (from "Comfort Food" to "The Soap Box") occurred shortly after the banning of Clos. Also IIRC, Ray said he changed the name to emphasize that it wasn't a Christians-only blog. Which didn't seem to make much sense, at least not to me.

    Could he have been feeling just a leetle guilty about the ban?

    Then there was the Pharyngula episode. That temporary spike in page hits may have given him the impression that there's a bigger market for what he's selling.

    I fear that Ray and his new publishers may be disappointed.

  12. Then there was the Pharyngula episode

    I've heard this mentioned before, but I'm not aware of what happened. Somebody, please enlighten me.

  13. Oh, Lance, the Pharyngula episode was my fault:


    Hmm, the link seems to be too long to display properly. If you go to Pharyngula and look for the post entitled "Ray Comfort Answers a Question," you'll get the whole silly story.

  14. Lance,

    Pharyngula, if you are not familiar, has such a huge following, that when PZ posted on Ray a few times...it sends hundreds of people, and they seem to linger for about a week. That was all.


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