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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Welcome to the Club

Our group blog is called The Raytractors.

Our members’ intelligence factors
May be through the roof --
Which is nice, but ain’t proof
That there is some Intangible Actor

With puissance and glory to spare
Who fashioned the cosmos with care.

-- Since my time isn’t billable
As I run short of syllables,
I’m gonna stop when I come to – right there.



  1. Wee

    If there was a rhyming Lord, it would be you.

    Bless me with the rhymizzle.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Oh, FD, it doesn't take talent.

    What it takes, is the kind of mind that wanders away from whatever it should be doing to wonder, "Now, what rhymes with Raytractors?...."

  4. I see now that we will have to add a weemaryanne Poetry/Limerick corner.

  5. Inspired by Wee's wonderful rhyme I present

    "Ray and the Raytractors"

    We gather to gander at comfort
    He regales us with biblical tracts
    A primate, no doubt, of some sort
    The kind most allergic to facts.

    Ray tells us he has all the proof
    And presents us a laughable spiel
    It looks so much like a spoof
    He proves only that Poe’s law is real

    Ray is a very smart man
    Like Einstein his own self-review
    He need his fingers and toes
    And something under his clothes
    To add up his massive IQ.


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