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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Ray Comfort Project

It looks like there is a lot of interest in a possible book by The Raytractors!  Unlike Ray's books, this work will be without pop-up pictures, caricatures, and outright lies.  We have organized ourselves out of our mutual distaste of Ray's nonsense and I think this will be a good way to direct our efforts here.    

My thoughts are that this should be written for the Rayniacs and skeptics alike.  It should be written for the non-specialist in terms of science content and the method of skepticism-this will broaden the audience.  We should have a chapter on Comfort's background and why we are writing the book, a chapter on evolutionary theory, some of it's remarkable evidences and the scientific method, and obviously focus on the claims in Ray's blog and books as well as his speeches, debates and videos.  These are just my thoughts, I want to hear from everyone else involved.  This is exciting, and I think should be a good experience.   Look forward to working with you all!

Have ideas?  Get em posted!  


  1. I agree with everything.

    I think that Ray Dumbfort should be brought to justice. Along with Benny Hinn[Which we leave to youtube].

    And he can see how he and his mentor Kent Hovind are wrong when it comes to REAL science.

  2. Just out of curiosity. Can anyone look up what Ray makes off his books & blog? What kind of neighborhood does he live in?

  3. I think this is an outstanding idea. If I am accepted into the hallowed ranks of the ray tractors I might be interested in adding a chapter about the absurdity of absolute morality as held by Ray and the rayniacs(I really like that word)


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