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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Science of Evolution???

Oh, we have to get this DVD.  Only $5, and while I don't want to support Ray's ministry, it's for a good cause.  Ray's idea of an argument is to act incredibly immature and stupid, along with his nitwit of a friend Kirk.  Read the ad below, they make phone-calls to airlines asking if they can bring an orangutan with them on the plane.  It is afterall a relative.  Is this the best they can do?? Crockaducks, coke cans, banana's, and quote-mining scientists....this is too easy. Ray and Kirk are so dishonest that they indicate that the DVD is not overtly Christian or anti-evolution, so that people won't know the content until they start watching it.  I can just picture how they will present the scientists words and then say something like, "See, even the experts know evolution is a fraud".  I wonder if the content of this is on the net?  Does anyone know?

This DVD is unique in that it doesn't follow the usual format of Christian experts exposing the theory. Instead, it lets evolutionary believers put their own foot in their own mouth, simply by asking them probing questions. 
Join Kirk and Ray as they take an orangutan to lunch, and call major airlines and ask if a "relative" can join them on a plane. The graphics on this DVD have been designed so that there is no indication that it is Christian or anti-evolution. The content is derived from episode 21 of the Way of the Master series.


  1. Don't worry Clos, you don't have to buy it.

    You can search for the episodes on the internet.

    I've seen it before, it's garbage.


    View that, I'm afraid Ray is too intellectually dishonest to pick a bone with real experts... or atleast scientific laymen.

  2. Thanks, I figured it would be online, but I was too lazy to look! I'll check it out, and tear it a new one.

  3. stay in your rank punk! show respect to your elders!!!

  4. Wow, our favorite nitwit has come to wish us well.

  5. Thanks for visiting Terry...

    or should I say...

    Fred Phelps

    Yes, Raytractors, I've figured it out, Terry is our favorite Westboro Pastor, Fred Phelps.

    Terry, you're the finest example of Jesus. I suppose you have slaves in your backyard.

    I have to tell you Terry, I have no problem with anybody believing in God. I have a problem with people spreading false thoughts and religious propaganda with the intent of making scientific fact and the thoughts of incredibly smart scientists who do a lot of research look like a joke.

    Know your rank! And, according to the Bible, that means washing my feet.

  6. The YouTube user Extant Dodo (who since has been going through an unfair ban it seems) has a really good refutation of it here

  7. Only five bucks for definitive proof that his imaginary friend is real?

    Funny. I always thought genuine belief was difficult to achieve. But apparently all it takes is a fin.

  8. "Instead, it lets evolutionary believers put their own foot in their own mouth, simply by asking them probing questions."

    I saw that video, all they did was ask random people questions about evilution and when they couldn't answer Ray had this "see evilution is false" attitude. They didn't speak to a single expert. If some guy came up to me on the street and asked me to explain quantum physics I wouldn't be able to do it, does that mean quantum physics is false??

  9. Terry,

    I told you already, this is an egalitarian society. So, respectfully, shut your crappy mouth up.


  10. I'd just like to point out that the ONLY comment of mine Ray EVER censored was one that pointed out that he makes millions of dollars a year lying to people about evolution and suggested that this may be a motive to act as ignorant as he does.


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