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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A New Book??

Heads up Raytrackers,

Something big is about to happen to this blog in the near future, and I'm honored that you are a part of it. I would like you to know that I have a file of over 100 of your questions and objections (some of you get a little upset when I don't get back to you immediately). I will address them as soon as I am able.

Could this be an upcoming "book" by Comfort?  If so, we might be both represented in the book...and surely, misrepresented at the same time.  If this is the case, we will have some work to do!!  Maybe a joint work of our own, the Raytrackers, would be in order to challenge his views on evolution, atheism, and his nauseating certainty.  Not to mention expose the dishonesty that is Ray.  


  1. Oh, yes, I agree.

    Maybe we can create a book with 100 of Rays stupid and judgemental sayings.


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  3. I am absolutely serious about this. Do any of you have much experience with publishing books? My knowledge is only in scientific journals, which don't cost to publish in. We would have to find an interested publisher, etc. I think if others are interested, we could throw out ideas, and I think we could introduce evolution and dispel much of the atheist charicatures. In addition, we could discuss morals and absolutism with reference to Ray's arguments.

  4. FD, great to hear!!! He turns his blog into a book; two can play at this game!

  5. Yeah. I'm sure we can do something.

    We can even dedicate it to Ray Dumbfort, err, Comfort.

    we can send a copy to everyone in his family.

  6. I absolutely love the idea of a book. Though there are some, not a single one states he shit these guys actually believe about evolution and how they mix it with big bang, and gravity, to name a few things ...

    I have no idea abut how to approach publishers either. Shit!

    Perhaps some publisher that is the common competition of those who published dawkins' god delusion? (competitors in the right sense).


  7. What we should do is figure out what it is we are hoping to accomplish, what message we want to send, what chapters will be needs, find some good Ray quotes to start each chapter, etc., and start writing, get our thoughts out here, correspond via email/phone. Obviously, we'll have to wait and see if this presumed book of Ray's materializes. We will also have to get Ray's book on evolution, and divide and conquer. We can't address everything; nor do we need to. The book shouldn't be very long, because if possible it should be targeted to Ray's fans and fence sitters. Be objective and just lay out the arguments. New ideas should be posted here for each of us to examine and constructively criticize.


    Do you know about publishing? Why Cafe Press?

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  9. Hum, by the way, Ken Miller just published a little book. I did not have the time to browse it, but I am guessing it is his usual debunking of the irreducible complexity argument, the whale fossil record, and such. Did any of you see it? I do not remember the title, but quite new.


  10. Yeah, Jason Rosenhouse over at scienceblogs wrote a critical review of the book. Apparently, Miller recycled much from his previous book. Also, I read Mike Behe's response on his amazon blog for Darwin's Black Box, and criticizes Miller says that both of them are intelligent design advocates. Which is true, since Miller claims to be an orthodox Roman Catholic. By definition, this necessitates creation at some point. To me, this gives validity to Behe's case, even if his current argument is flawed, it gives credence to the idea of detecting design.

  11. GE

    I'll have to use my google skills for that.

  12. I'd be willing to do whatever I could on a book. Basically, I think that we'd only need a few chapters, since Ray only has about five arguments that he repeats ad nauseum.

  13. Would "The Idiot's Guide to Ray Comfort" be too redundant? If you want sayings see the wiki linked from my profile, I have a could of good quote mines (God, I feel icky after saying that. It feels like I'm channeling Terry again. I need a H2SO4 bath now.). And I have a couple of friends/acquaintances that have published successfully so I can look into something if cafe press doesn't meet our needs. what would we do with the prophet (oops profit I mean ;) ) though? Stage an annual get together and go visit Ray when he's doing his sidewalk thing? Get Terry some psychiatric help?

    Otherwise that sounds good, And I'd be willing to help where possible?

    ---New Topic---

    I haven't read Miller's Only a Theory yet though, but if it's similar to Finding Darwin's God, that's not a bad thing in my mind. While yes, he would be an intelligent design advocate when boiled down to the purest sense, I fully support those who do feel the need to be religious to adopt his form. His feelings are that God is basically Milton Bradly and designed the game with no end result but that one day something would arise that could have the intelligence to acknowledge "Him." He has not had a direct influence in any noticeable way though, other than designing the rules that govern the natural world. And whether that was a Homo Sapien, a Dinosaur, or a "Space Clam," it's all the same. Humans were not an intended result, just our reasoning and cognizant abilities.

  14. Yep, that is the book, "just a theory" or something. I like the way Miller explains the stuff so anybody would understand that there is plenty of proof of evolution, and gives some of it. I was just wondering if he had anything new in the little book.


  15. Personally, I have absolutely no problem with somebody who sees the world and believes that there was a designer. When they want to have that taught as science though - that's when I have a problem.

  16. Is it just me or is Ray's blog weirder than ever?

  17. Hi guys:

    I'm reposting this here in the likely event Ray doesn't approve it in his "Relentless Attacks" thread. There's no blasphemy, swearing, or URL's that might offend delicate Christian sensibilities, so Ray should have no beef with it. Soemthing tells me he won't like it anyway. Maybe he'll surpise me.


    Your continual use of Darwin's eye quote out of context (this time in your Atheist Test) reminded me of something. Remember many months ago during one of your "Science confirms the Bible" posts, you said that science was ignorant of the existence of atoms until it was first mentioned in the Bible in Hebrews 11:3

    You were shown that this wasn't the case, as Democritus proposed their existence in much greater detail 500 years before the vague passage you cited was penned.

    You said you would correct your "Science confirms the Bible" tract to reflect this. But on your website it still says:

    The Bible: Creation made of invisible elements (Hebrews 11:3).

    Science now: Creation made of invisible elements (atoms).

    Science then: Science was ignorant on the subject.

    What gives, man? You've had ample time to make the correction. Surely it just slipped your mind?

    BTW Good idea on the book.

  18. Hey he let it through. I'll be damned.

  19. Rando,

    That's better than Spurgeon's gold! This is what we need to start archiving. These vague bible quotes need to be addressed...like Ken Ham's ministry claiming that "behemoth" means "dinosaur". This is such crap.

    Macgyver jr.,

    Nice title, but as you said, a little redundant ;) We'll have to come up with something good. We will have to wait to see what this "surprise" is, if a book, we'll have to wait until it comes out and then tear it apart along with the evolution book. After we read through these we can put our heads together, come up with an outline, target audience, and content. Equal split between authors? Although, getting Terry help is tempting too! But then again, might be a waste of money. I'm not really all that interested in profit, as long as we at least break even, the important thing is just the principle of it on my end, the satisfaction that we've responded...and we're right.

  20. It looks like "What will happen" to the site is another attempt by Ray to "stick it to them Atheists" and make him feel good - he's renamed his blog again and quoted others under the banner.

    So let's all enjoy Atheist Central - the Soap Box: Comfort Food, Ray Comfort's Blog! Clearly it doesn't represent his deconversion.


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