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Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Open Letter to Ray

An open letter to Ray Comfort.

Dearest Ray,

I am flattered that you read my words and are so worried that I might be lonely. I assure you, I am not. But your concern does makes me blush ;) I have to admit though, that since you declined to discuss evolutionary biology with me, I have no one of your calibar to talk to about it. That is, no one that has such a clear grasp of the theory as you clearly must given the fact that you have done so much "research", resulting in a book on the subject, which is sure to sell to all the science aficionados entering Exxon stations in Southern Alabama. I know you admitted to me that you didn't understand, well, really any of the theory after I challenged you to a debate. You know, the debate to which you slunk away with tail between legs? Not only that, but you promised not to discuss evolution. In fact, this is what was said:

I said,"Ray, you are not a biologist. If you and I publically debated evolutionary theory you wouldn't know what I was talking about."

Ray Comfort said,"Clost...let's go with that. I won't talk much about evolution because I am not a biologist. You don't know the Lord, so sit in humility, listen with an open heart, and learn about Him. Deal?"

How convenient that you start up again right after you got rid of me. So why don't we talk? I promise only to embarrass you as much as I possibly can. For someone who speaks so confidently on how science is wrong about the history of life, you must have strong arguments that you aren't letting onto. I don't expect to hear from you, and I know you aren't stupid enough to discuss this with me (well...), but hopefully we will see you over at our website refuting our claims...of course, that was a joke, Ray. I mean, you can't refute our arguments on your own website, so coming over here would probably give you an inferiority complex. You should read some of our refutations of your arguments. Anyways, enjoy your coke and bananas, and let me know if you wanna talk fossils and genomes!




  1. I think Ray's scared of you.
    You are more civil than him, by the way. He just insults, says that what you believe in is silly, but...

    He offers no evidence or anything else to support him, except for a very very old book that is actually a fairy tale....

  2. That's why I ridicule him. I don't feel the need to be polite because Ray is a liar, we've shown this many times, so why should I be nice? Further, he lies to children, and that really pisses me off.

  3. Right.

    He also seems to make a big deal about having 252 comments... Like, he's all famous or something.


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