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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cat's Out of the Bag

Atheist Strike
A little bird told me that it was going to be a two-week strike. How about a little longer? I need a break. One of my posts had 252 comments. That's a lot of moderating. Even better, why don't you take Clostridiophile's advice? He said, "You will break him. I would argue, never go back, other than to get other skeptics/atheists to come over here. Just post over here in response. !@$!&*, draw the Rayniacs away from Ray's blog to argue with us over here instead!" Sounds like he's lonely and needs you.

Ray has thrown down the gauntlet!


  1. He's angry because his wife doesn't give him sex.

    And he resorts to men and bananas...

  2. Don't take the bait! Ignore him! He knows that his blog is doomed without us. How can you feel like a martyr when every response is, "Great post, Ray!"

  3. DO NOT take his obvious bait.

  4. I bet you it was his bitch Terry who told him..

    Yeah, let us continue...Hell, who knows, maybe we'll go longer just to make him feel like shit.

  5. A little bird. HA HA HA

    Moderating all those comments must have been a huge burden. Now Ray will be free to do more fund raising for his ministry. You know what they say, "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord!"

  6. I'm for going longer, but there's a comment on Ray's "Woman..." post by someone named David, who claims to have these highly rated articles by Google search on atheism and evolution. Both lead to Conservapedia. I'd like to work on those.

  7. Interesting that David managed to post links, huh?

    Hey Rufus,

    Why not write a refutation right here? That's what this blog is here for!

  8. Yes, I entirely missed the fact that links were posted. But it's no surprise. Incivility is supposed to be cause for not being posted there, but Terry Burton is 100% PUNK. If I was certain that there was an Heaven and Hell, I'd rather go to Hell than be in a Heaven that had Burton.

  9. Right into our hands, of course, he will almost certainly block any attempts to inform other skeptics that happen over there. For someone who professes not to think about ass, he sure has a hard-on for mine!!!!

    Ray, if you are reading this, why not come over here and refute our devastating criticisms of your logic?

  10. This comment pretty much sums it all up:


    As my brother in Christ I am truly amazed at how many insults the LORD gives you the courage to withstand. My heart breaks for those who want to argue with you. Please don't waste to much of your time in debating, after you realize that they are blind to the truth just tell them that your hands are clean of their blood and pray to the LORD that HE reveals to them the error of their ways that they might be saved.

    Love in Christ Jesus our LORD,


    *yaks up a hair ball*

  11. Always blood with them, they are obsessed with suffering and torture and death. hell this and hell that. Jesus Christ...is such a source of mental anguish. Gentle Jesus my ass.


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