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Saturday, July 19, 2008

To Ray Comfort, or whichever lapdog (I'm looking at you, Terry Burton) carries it to him

It's no secret, Ray. We're just curious about what your blog, and its comments will be like without us. Everyone won't join in, I'm sure, so you'll still get that ego stroked. But could you handle it if no atheists visited and posted at your blog? If people just ignored you when you do your street preaching? It would be interesting to observe. Anyway, stop by here sometime. There's no moderator. Let your hair down. Show us the real you.


  1. The real Ray works at Chip N Dales.

    You know, the guy in the back handing out tracts in between shows.

  2. Have you noticed that Ray's letting some guy from the right wing 'conservapedia' post links to a ludicrous article about atheism now? Guess that it didn't take long for the links between Ray's brand of christianity and far right politics to come to light.

  3. Ray let slip another link a little while ago for a nonxian. Don't know if he's easing up or getting lazy.


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