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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Debunking Dan Part II

I could easily make this a full-time job. In the comments of a post directed at me, dan makes the usual bad arguments, which for the moment is less important than this blessed gem that was bestowed upon me:

Santa Claus does exist thanks to the marketing of Coke-a-Cola but Santa Claus was real, his name was Saint Nickolas.

Oh Dan, you really #&*$ed yourself here (figured I would edit this for christian eyes)!

EXACTLY OUR POINT!!! St. Nick was just some guy that supposedly helped poor kids out, a nice man. I don't need much evidence to accept this probably happened. Likewise, I can accept that Jesus and his cult probably did walk around preaching to anyone who would listen along with dozens of other men at the time. Fine. But, when you start telling me that Santa found some magic reindeer...and circumnavigates the globe once a year with enough gifts for each child on earth, in a sled.....not only am I going to stare at you for an uncomfortable period of time, but after the inevitable laughter and tears subside, I'm going to ask for some evidence (after I finally verify that it wasn't a joke). Same with Jesus defying surface tension, breaking several laws of thermodynamics, not to mention reanimating himself and sitting in supernatural judgement over all of us. Come now, Dan, I know you beleive everything you read, you must to make the argument you are about to make....


  1. Nice parody. Of what, I will never know.

  2. Wow, I wonder if this Dan deserves any attention. He does not even try to make his ... stuff look anything like some reasoning, even if faulty, but at least look like some reasoning.


  3. Valid argument if both stories were equal. The problem is one claims Deity which changes the intention and motive and entire dynamics of the situation. One is a arrow to Salvation one is a toy bow and arrow. (lame,I know)

    get_education: I don't deserve anything.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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