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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Debunking Dan

Several posts ago, a poster by the name of Dan came by to suggest we get a "cuss-o-meter" on the blog, and then tried to evangelize us, or at least, draw us over to his blog. His blog is called "Debunking Atheists". Debunking something requires the application of logic, evidence and honesty in order to not only state that something is incorrect, but to show why it is incorrect or misguided. Now, based on prior experience, I assumed this would simply devolve (excuse the pun) into special pleading, threats which urge Pascal's Wager, and arguments from authority...not to mention circularity and non sequiturs. Not surprisingly, such is the case. The only "debunking" going on over there is the atheists debunking Dan. Well, I drug him over to my blog, and my fellow co-writer, Steve, posed some questions to Dan. Steve did so because Dan claimed we have "presuppositions" that preclude us from seeing he is correct. Yeah, my presupposition is that illogical arguments don't hold weight-this seems to have Dan confused and frustrated. Here are the questions, followed by Dan's reply:

Do you believe the universe was created in 6 days?

Yes. Believing in a relatively ‘young Earth’ is a consequence of accepting the authority of the Word of God as an infallible revelation from our omniscient Creator.

Do you believe the first people lived hundreds of years and only became mortal when they ate from a tree of knowledge?

Yes. Accepting the authority of the Word of God

Do you believe a talking snake tricked them into doing so?

Yes. Accepting the authority of the Word of God

Do you believe the entire earth was flooded, and that a 600 year old man gathered 2 of every species onto a giant ark and survived it?

Yes. "If you accept a real global Flood, then you destroy (rightly) evolution’s millions of years of history, as supposedly recorded in the fossils found in the layers of rock. You see, the eroding of these layers by the Flood—and then the “re-depositing” of the sediments and the destroying of many of the fossils—would eliminate much of this “evidence” of these alleged millions of years. It’s an important point."(AIG)

Do you believe in the massacre of the innocents?

You mean Harold in Matthew 2:16-18? Then Yes. Accepting the authority of the Word of God

Do you believe that the red sea was really parted by [M]oses?

Yes. Accepting the authority of the Word of God

Do you believe in evolution?

No. Accepting the authority of the Word of God

Do you believe the current age of the universe is approximately 14 billion years?

No. accepting the authority of the Word of God

Do you believe in Allah? Thor? Vishnu? The Flying Spaghetti Monster?

No. Accepting the authority of the Word of God

Now, in another of Dan's posts, pvblivs points out to him the same thing I would have said here:

"Actual relevant points are whether a deity exists, whether Jesus was said deity, and whether a being who gives commands like those found in the bible can be regarded as good. This is what you must sustain with evidence."

This is Dan's reply:

Pvblivs welcome,

It's just a matter of faith. Look, if we had all the answers we would be like God.

So forget about logic or evidence, just believe it cause me and my book say so!!! Doesn't anyone find this frightening?? If the deity who you must believe in doesn't provide you any reason to believe...how can you be punished for this? Particularly when there are thousands of religions to choose from, all claiming they are correct. Dan, isn't it just a historical accident that you happened to be born into a Christian society? How unfortunate for all the Jewish or Muslim or Hindu children who will be going to hell. The Bible cannot be used to verify itself; particularly when it contradicts itself left and right, fails to explain origins, which we can now check, and frankly tells stories that no rational person could accept really happened. A man lived in a whale for three days?? Are you fucking high? God had us torture him so that he could forgive us for things he knew about before we were "created"?? I'm trying to help you, man. Myths are for kids.

If you are going to tell me that you just have faith in this stuff, I can point out that your beliefs run counter to the evidence, but I can't argue with strongly held irrational belief....but when you claim to be "Debunking" me when you are doing nothing but pleading to me to have faith in your special deity, you should really change the name of your blog to "Pleading with Atheists"....I know it sounds pathetic, but at least people won't expect you to be rational when you are anything but.


  1. When I looked at his blog I noticed there was no 'debunking'. I was wondering where all the debunking went, and now I know--there wasn't any to begin with.

    This is like what goes on at Ray's blog, there is no trying to show logic to people who are consciously willing to be subservient to a belief system that makes no sense and if they are not willing to at least be open to looking into the point of view from the other side. I am actually glad that I was an xian because I see things from both sides of the fence now.

    Even as a little kid, though, I honestly never believed any of the bible stories. They sounded like the stories that were in my story books, especially the one about Jonah in the whale belly.

  2. Hey, Raytractors, our efforts are beginning to get noticed. This blogger says some nice things about us:


    Go on over there and thank him.


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