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Monday, July 21, 2008

Atheist Morals

allfiredup said...

" 'I mean that I hope my ethics have the practical results of causing less harm to life and liberty, and dealing justice as humanely as possible, than any ethical teachings of any church.'

Atheist ethics are a laugh.

They actually steal morals and ethics that were founded by Christians and call them their own.

It is well known that atheistic - free-thinking ethics has caused more mass murders than religions ever did."

The morals and ethics of atheists come from the same place as Christians and it's not from the bible. First of all many of the bible's ethics that one could find moral ideas in did not originate from the bible. For example the ten commandments is very much like its predecessor the code of Hammurabi. Secondly, if one were to strictly follow all the morals of the bible they would be mass murderers indeed. Some of the not so nice biblical morals and ethics include the repression of woman (1 Timothy 2:11-14 and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35), child abuse and murder ( Proverbs 23:13-14, II Kings 2:23-24, and Psalm 137:8-9), mass slaughtering of the innocent (Ezekiel 9:5-6, Hosea 13:16), and slavery (Exodus 21:20-21, Luke 12:47). My best guess is our morals come from the "moral zeitgeist" as Richard Dawkins calls it, the consensus society comes to with regard to what our morals are. Wherever our ethics come from, they are not solely or originally from the bible and neither are our morals. The last statement about atheist ethics causing more mass murders than religion is a flat out lie that allfiredup has no proof of. Sickening hate speech is all he spews.


  1. Faith - how to hate and call it good.

  2. SS,

    I would argue that our morals derive far beyond humans as well. I'm sure you would agree. When I read Frans De Waals' works on chimpanzee behavior, it is clear that our ethics, at very least originate with a common ancestor. I know looking at other social mammals from meerkats to bats, that these same morals apply.

    Dawkins pointed out that if you apply game theory to social organisms, such morals will inevitably apply..otherwise, if we are all cheats, we will simply die out. Our morals, in my mind, are derived from an evolutionary process.

  3. felix,

    religion is philosophy without the questions!

  4. *headshake* As usual, Ray misses the point, which I made in the next paragraph (paraphrased):

    "This is not difficult. For instance, simply eliminating the nasty notion of 24/7 surveillance by something that can convict people for thoughtcrime makes a big improvement in Christian ethics."

    Thoughtcrime. (another *headshake*) As far as these people are concerned, Orwell's 1984 is not imminent -- it's been here all along.

  5. Clostridiophile said...
    "religion is philosophy without the questions!'

    I'm stealing that line- right now.
    ***dale, sneaking off with line***

  6. clos,

    I was thinking morals came from evolution as well but couldn't thing of any evidence/examples when I wrote the post (laziness, I know *bows head in shame*).


    thoughtcrime seems like such a cult like invention to me.


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