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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Great Teacher

Since many seem to like the idea of expanding some, I want to share this video adn a few thoughts. Does anyone else get a chill when they listen to the opening line of this film? I ask, because I am getting ready to clean and I like some background noise. Well, it's more than noise, it is one of my favorite films by one of my favorite personalities. If the question is posed to me would I rather meet Sagan or Jesus-both being dead-who would I rather meet? Some might say Jesus, because we could clear all this shit up...I don't know. I'm fairly certain I already know the answer. I think it reasonable to suspect that Jesus was a real person, but a person none-the-less. What would I really learn from him? Would I like him? No, I would rather meet what would be a hero of mine if I had heros, Dr. Carl Sagan. His books enthrawl me, more than anything in the Gospels. I have a telescope at my house, and I could think of nothing better than to talk to someone who spent his life pondering and trying to understand how our universe works. What could Jesus tell me about the stars, a man living 2,000 years ago? Even if this decision meant learning if there was a heaven and a hell; I already know they exist, simultaneously here on earth. At least Sagan would know something about heaven! In all likelihood, I have just as much chance of meeting either of them. Well, I've got dishes calling! Enjoy.


  1. Clos

    Great post! A "Great Teacher" sums Sagan up perfectly.

    I've watched a lot of his videos but only read one of his books. Its called a Demon Haunted World.
    Definitly recommend it. It's about how many (most?) people believe in stupid superstitions rather the natural explanations, and need to teach people about how interesting and amazing the natural world really is.

  2. nafa,

    That book is wonderful, I've read it a few times...the baloney detection kit is something that school children should have to learn to apply every semester, we would have a more informed public.

  3. Well Clos, you are cheating, you already know that I would choose to meet Sagan any time.


  4. Sagan's The Demon Haunted World was a big influence on me. It introduced me to the whole idea of skepticism.

  5. GE,

    Sorry for the rhetorical question....here is a question for you, my friend, why is your name not listed as a contributor????

  6. Why is your name not listed as a contributor?

    Shit yeah, why? What am I supposed to do?


  7. GE,

    Email macgyver jr and get yourself listed, I was shocked when I looked over it and didn't see your name.

  8. It's almost spiritual, in its own way. He seemed almost serene when he filmed that series.

    Sagan was awesome. An atheist to the end; his wife said he didn't want to believe, he wanted to know.

  9. captain howdy,

    Hello, friend, I completely agree, this is the word that I would use as well-"spiritual". There is a spiritual feeling when grand mysteries of life are revealed through combined human effort and individual insight. Sagan captured the transcendent wonder of studying nature in each of his books. Also, that is a very nice way of putting it: knowing rather than believing. I yearn for a new enlightenment...and the internet seems to be the place to bring together people from all over to a common goal-spreading free-thought, rationalism, the triumph over superstition. This blog was such a good idea, and I think will continue to blossom as we draw others, and gain new insights. I have found my niche.

  10. I forgot to mention that Sagan was known to smoke a little twizzle from time-to-time...what better when looking at stars???? I don't know about that Jesus fellow...he did drink wine...although, Sagan smokes weed and doesn't believe Jesus was divine. Nope, I've made up my mind once and for all.

  11. GE..."Well Clos, you are cheating, you already know that I would choose to meet Sagan any time."

    Of course he knows. Because Get Ed really is Clos! Everybody know dat! ;P


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