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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome all

I've invited a few so far and as people trickle in, I wanted to just offer up a quick welcome. I'm open to ideas as to what should go here, but I thought i'd share my feelings about what (in my mind) this blog should be about. Feel free to disagree, this is just my 2 cents.

My feelings are that the blog should NOT be anti christian, (or anti any other religion for that matter) because even though most of us are probably agnostic, ignostic (myself) and atheist; my personal feelings are that IF someone wants to believe in a personal god they can go right ahead up to the point that their beliefs start infringing upon me. I'd like to see this as a spot that we can post references, resources, cool books about related topics to what we/Ray are discussing and just generally get to know each other better (support and networking).

So guys and gals, what do you think?


  1. Just a little copy and paste job from the email I sent:

    I agree wholeheartedly. I definitely am not interested in being part of an anti-Christian blog. While critiques of certain religious beliefs and practices are valid, it shouldn't be a "come bash the Christians club". It definitely should focus on Ray and his inaccuracies, blunders, inconsistencies, and hubris. Also, some of his true believers should be fair game as well. In fact, I think we should encourage Christians who are critical of Ray. There are a lot of people out there who probably have a problem with the things he's saying, but they're afraid that if they start accepting evolution or mainstream views on science and history, then they're going to have to completely abandon everything that they hold dear - which doesn't need to be the case, no matter what Ray would have them believe.

    I already know of something that deserves attention. My wife tried to post, on a couple of occasions, an example of how he changed what his blog actually said in order to soften his obvious condescending and insulting tone - which made many of us look like we were being too sensitive. Apparently, he has Winston Smith working for him.

  2. as soon as we nail down our point here, someone should place it up in the description. Since TSS and LCJ were the 2 instigators of this idea and the 1st 2 to respond, I've made you 2 admins as well. And while there should be as many posters as people who want, I'd like to stay with a little tribunal of admins.

  3. this is great.

    Lance, you were on to something when you coined the word "Ratractors".

    Thanks Mac.

  4. My past time is keeping Ray honest. Might I contribute some pure critiques of Ray's lies? Got a great one right now...

  5. Oh yes, get Clos.

    and, invite Rev. BigDumbChimp

    and, I wonder...Rufus?

    People who really really stick it to Ray.

  6. Definitely contribute, but as I said in my entry, it would be cool simply to see how many of us are out there.

  7. Where do I sign up. I have enjoyed thoroughly the many literary boots in the nuts Ray has been give by the Raytractors here!

  8. Hi all, I also think Discomforting Ignorance would be a great contributor.

  9. Hey guys,

    I'm glad you started this up. I've been wondering if rest of the Atheist stable on his blog were in regular contact with each other.

    Good to see there's some sort of mobilization :-) I look forward to reading the posts.


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