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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Steven Novella vs. Ray Comfort's scientific "facts"

Ray attempts to use the Bible as a source for scientific knowledge using fallacious arguments and Novella takes him on. Ray wrote a book called "scientific facts in the Bible". The only problem is he lies and misinterprets the Bible in order to do this. Some of his fallacies were pointed out to him and he chose to ignore them as he is still promoting his book on the sidebar of his website. If you read the description of the book it has not been changed, the lies are still there.

Novella vs. Comfort:


  1. Yeah, this is no different from the ID people. I think an important point we need to make is that these people, when shown to be flat out wrong or illogical, continue this lie and repeat it and simply pose the question of how they can really be looking for "the truth" as they claim? this is important for fence-sitters.

  2. The trump card that I use when people tell me that the Bible gels with science is:

    Where is the science in how a haircut makes one lose his superhuman strength? (Of course, referring to the Samson story.)

    I've posted that on Ray's blog a few times - no takers.

  3. Same principle behind "energy bracelets"....bullshit.

  4. Waitaminnit! You're right!

    Stupid thing!

    (Lance throws his enegery bracelet in the trash.)

  5. On second thought - if energy bracelets are bullshit, then how does Wonder Woman deflect all those bullets?

    Check...and mate!

  6. Lance,

    Obvious! Because Diana is an amazon, and not ANY amazon, mind you.


  7. I can't believe I missed Dr. Novella's entry on this. NeuroLogica is one of my favorite blogs. Fantastic entry.

    I've always liked the way people point to the circle passage as proof that they knew the world was spherical instead of a flat disk.

    If I were to ask you to choose between "circle" and "sphere" to describe the shape of the Earth, you would choose "sphere." If I were to ask you to choose between "circle" and "sphere" to describe the shape of a flat disk, you would choose "disk."

    Just as the moon and Sun are great circles in the sky, as was the Earth a great circle upon which God sat.

  8. @ discomforting ignorance,

    Thanks! Indeed Steve Novella is quite awesome.

  9. As if there was any doubt he would continue with the same tricks?


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