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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spewing Ignorance!

A Christian just called Ray out:


Ray, do you call everyone who disagrees with you and posts a comment here an Atheist?That's a bit much. There could be quite a few individuals here who just want to set you straight on topics like evolution. Which does not make them an Atheist.I accept evolution and I believe in God and I am not alone. I for one would just like to see you open your mind and read some peer reviewed articles on the subject and try learn something instead of maligning science and spewing ignorance.

Bet he will come back and tell JG that he/she cannot be a "true Christian".


  1. Ray probably feels really really bad right now.

  2. Well,

    Unless we are replaced by other skeptics or his numbers don't change.

  3. Oh, I do not know, this might have no effect whatsoever on Ray, or else, he might find the rest useful.

    I do not care, I just want to see what happens, and be able to respond without a censorship. If I want to call something shit, well, shit it is. Proper naming is important to carry a message across.

    Terry, I never read your stuff. After the first days, when you re-baptized me with the name "Clos," and when you started talking about such shit (yes SHIT), as your credentials (shitty credentials), well, I could not imagine you but as some authoritarian ignorant.

    You fundies really need to get education, and understanding. You prejudge way too much. Why, if you believe in your imaginary friend, do not let your imaginary friend do the judging? You could learn to live in peace among people like us, who would not care at all about your beliefs if those were not your excuse to oppose things that you should not care about whatsoever, like whether homosexuals can marry.


  4. Did you see Terry's response? He says that he needs to "post new blogs". In other words, he needs to copy and paste shit that other people write into new "blogs".

    Is he unaware that you can have multiple posts per blog?

  5. Good for him, we need some more of Ray's own peers telling him off. I think that may be the only way he could have a chance at changing. I think when we say stuff he just brushes it off as "just something some stupid atheist says".


    I think you nailed it, Terry thinks you can only have one post per blog, that's why he has a gazillion blogs.

  6. "I think you nailed it, Terry thinks you can only have one post per blog, that's why he has a gazillion blogs."

    Now, he is really stupid, but this would suggest that he didn't notice that Ray only has one blog and posts a bunch of times....I mean, he is stupid, but....maybe just has a short attention span?

  7. There's obviously something very wrong with Terry's mind. I know a little about psychology (both parents professionals, and me an occasional reader of scientific journals). There is more to Terry (and some of the others) than just a difficulty with reading comprehension or critical thinking. The right medication just hasn't been developed yet.


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