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Monday, July 21, 2008

Once An Apple is Eaten, Ethics Don't Matter!!

Good evening, fellow Raytractors. Ray has posted one of his "100" atheist comments and provided...well, nothing but an unfounded claim. Ray is as predictable as an atomic clock, ain't he?

"What do I mean when I express the hope that my ethical code is better than that espoused by the religious? I mean that I hope my ethics have the practical results of causing less harm to life and liberty, and dealing justice as humanely as possible, than any ethical teachings of any church." Weemaryann

The Christian’s eternal salvation (the fact that he has eternal life) has got nothing to do with him being "good," or having an ethical code. If a criminal is shown mercy by a good judge and his case is dismissed, it wasn’t dismissed on the basis of the criminal’s goodness or his standard of ethics. It was entirely on the basis of the goodness of the judge. And the sinner (a criminal in God’s eyes) has his case dismissed (has his sins forgiven) because of God’s goodness, not because of anything he has done.

Then, if the criminal has truly seen the kindness of the judge, he will leave his criminal life behind. This is done entirely out of appreciation for the judge’s goodness in dismissing his case. And that is the gospel in a nutshell. I was guilty of violating God’s Law--which says that He sees lust as adultery, hatred as murder. His ethical standards are so high, lying lips are an "abomination" (extremely detestable) to Him. Yet, His amazing grace (mercy) dismissed the case of a wretch like me.

I now live an ethical life out of an appreciation for mercy. This ethical life may or may not be as ethical as that of an atheist, but that will have no bearing at all on Judgment Day. God will judge the world in perfect righteousness, and only those who have called upon His mercy will be saved from His terrible justice

Notice that the religious regard themselves as the pinnacle of creation, but yet these same people regard themselves as the most lothesome creatures imaginable. Look at the cartoon for Ray's post, it reads, "I am a Sinner". Even the swinish pig is left out of all this degradation, which is left to God's climax of perfect design! We are told we are born sick due to the continuous punishment of all the progeny of a non-existent man for a mythical crime-of eating a ripe fruit. We are constantly reminded that by the religious that we are “criminals”, no matter what our personality, our history, or our deeds. This shows only one thing: the celestial dictator that Ray claims exists has demands that are impossible to adhere to...being born is nothing less than a crime. Notice, Ray even concedes that our basis of ethics and morals may be better than his; clearly if this was obviously not the case, he would quickly point it out. He bases his superiority strictly on his own belief-his faith both lacking evidence and in spite of evidence to the contrary. What, again, was the point of this post? To tell Christians and non-Christians alike that deeds don’t mean anything to God? What a validation of Weemaryanne’s point!


  1. Ray's truly sick. Either he sincerely believes this stuff, which is disturbing in and of itself; or he's trying to bait us into posting, which is childish in the extreme.

  2. I would only find myself baited, if he had a legitimate point, that needed further discussion...this does not qualify...for anything other than pure ridicule and dismissal.

  3. Just wait, he's going to get really desperate and start posting claims that are so far-out that they make his other fallacies tame in comparison. Something like: "Atheists think that a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup will save their souls! Isn't that crazy?" And then he'll follow it with the "The fool has said in his heart that there is no God" quote.


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