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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comfort on Lust

"Your words reveal that, like most normal males, you live for sexual lust" - Ray Comfort, from Woman...the Glorified Primate.

It's difficult to resist commenting on Ray's use of the word normal in that post. If it's normal, Ray, how can it be a sin? Seems like a good opportunity to "mine the gold nugget out of the dirt" as Comfort puts it.


  1. Ha ha ha...
    Well, now we know what Ray thinks of his wife...


  2. Maybe Ray just needs to get fucked properly.

    I think that people with fulfilling sex lives don't feel the need to tell everyone else what they should or shouldn't be doing in their bedrooms or their thoughts.

  3. I don't know if Ray needs a good balling, but I do feel sorry for his wife.

  4. Ray Comfort + Kirk Cameron + 1 well-lubed banana = ?

  5. NaFa,

    Eeww. Excuse me while I go bathe my eyes in peanut butter.

  6. Hello Children,

    I'm just a bit disappointed that good Mr. Comfort didn't answer my question.

    I asked good Christian, Mr. Comfort, about what constitutes a normal level of female...desire for relations.

    My pastor told me so long as I repent for my unpure thoughts and...self-abuse, I would be forgiven.

    But after reading Mr. Comfort's post, now I ain't so sure I ain't going to hell.

    But he didn't post my question, and I ain't seen no answer.

    Anybody reckon he'd be upset if I asked him for more advice?

    -Norma Jean

  7. norma,
    Apparently you're a false convert. Be very careful not to become a backslider.
    The way things currently are with you, you'll definitely not be going to Ray's little one score people fraction of Heaven.
    Actually, be glad you're going to be with us at the everlasting party, complete with a stripper factory (any gender you like, even aliens), and a beer volcano.

  8. I'm single at the moment so I would have to say that lust has taken on a fairly prominant role in my life. - I need a shag! :)

    I don't miss my ex but I really miss the sex. Does that make me mega shallow?.........does asking this make me too honest?.....
    Maybe Ray just needs to get fucked properly...... I think I have a crush on Maragon. A smart chick who thinks this way.....ummmmmm.......ah dammit theres the damn lust again. I hate you God!!! Do you hear me..... I hate youuuuu......

    *takes pills*

    right then, what were we taking about?


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