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Monday, October 6, 2008

Someone is bound to be offended by this...

...so don't blame me. You were warned.


  1. I was offended by two things:

    1. His language - anyone who's good could probably get a laugh without the language he used.

    2. His generalization of Christians and the word he used to describe them. I wouldn't say that to anyone, and if I were a woman, I would be offended by the very use of it.

    But this is a free country - although was this in England? I think there was a reference but the sound quality was semi-poor.

    That aside, I did laugh at the 'perhaps you should get a trade' and the 'that's the man that built my gazebo' jokes. He got a laugh from me without using obscenities and I don't feel it was blasphemous in any way. But his overall act was offensive to me for the couple reasons above.

  2. I needed the irreverent today - thanks muchly!

  3. I was offended that he didn't use all seven of the words that most offend Christers.

  4. livingasonefreed:

    He's Australian. This is how we speak pretty much all the time. Swearing is the Australian equivalent of punctuation. Don't judge us because of that, it's a cultural artifact in the same way that Japanese people often bow. We are descended from convicts, after all.

    Technically England is a free country too, by the way.


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