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Monday, October 6, 2008

Letter to the editor.


  1. I, for one, will take the unpopular opinion that we shouldn't kick atheists out of America.

    I know I might get jeered for my opinion, but it's what I firmly believe.

    Thank you.

  2. I'm with you kaitlyn. But maybe they should be given their own state. Colorado, Maine or Florida.

  3. Article 1 of ths Constitution, The founding document of the country I live in states,
    "there shall be no religious test for political office."

    So, it follows that ther should be no religious test to be a citizen of the USA.

    If you want to fight about this, I will fight you, and I will win.

    Fundamentalists are the reason that our founding document is worded the way it is... to protect us all from their supernatural worldview.

    Many thanks to the founding fathers for building into the constitution our protection from these fundamentalist bigots.

  4. Kaitlyn said...
    I, for one, will take the unpopular opinion that we shouldn't kick atheists out of America.


    A vast majority of Xtians in the U.S. are closet agnostics.

    Fundamentalists are a vast minority.
    They do have some wealthy supporters but they will perish at an ever increasingly rate.

    Only fringe lunatics like Ray and Ken Ham can hold on to their ancient myth systems, just like witches and voo doo , pshicics do.

    They prey on your credulity.

  5. I'm not surprised that this came out of Alaska.

  6. Alice is such a wonderful loving person. She shows wonderful christian love to her fellow human beings. She believes that loving others as much as she loves herself is the second greatest of Jesus' commandments. She believes that whatever she does to the least of us, she is doing that to Jesus as well. She believes that when her beliefs are mocked that she should show mercy and patience by turning the other cheek, like Jesus said to do.


    I can wish can't I?

    All sarcasm aside. I really do wish that more christians knew their Bible. Sure there are atrocities and brutality in there, but there are also good things. I wish that Alice would read Matthew 22:39.

  7. Something tells me that this letter should be taken with a grain of salt... just a gut feeling... -_o

  8. If that had been an atheist that had written that letter it never would have gotten published, but if it had we would still be hearing about it.

  9. I especially like the part about how it doesn't matter if none of us have committed a crime, we're the reason crime is rampant...there is a serious disconnect in Alice's brain!!

  10. It seems like fundies are the ones with the problem with how our government it set up, maybe they should leave...or they can all have Kansas!!

  11. I think I've seen it before, and it caused the same reaction in me this time around.

    I'm just surprised Alice didn't accuse us of causing the holocaust.

    You, Atheists, are accused of the vile crime of not accepting ZEUS as your Lord and Savior. If you will not REPENT of your evil ways now, you will be deported to Australia. If you resist- THEY'RE RESISTING! OPEN FIRE!

  12. Clostridiophile: You mispelt the fundie version of "Atheists".

  13. The letter is a hoax:
    see Snopes

    Unfortunately the sentiments are genuine

    "Given the plenitude of e-mails we've received over the years expressing the very same sentiments as this letter, it (regardless of the intentions of its creator and/or sender) apparently does reflect the genuine opinions of a not insubstantial readership base."

  14. "I don't care if they have never commited a crime, atheists are the reason crime is rampant."

    I wonder if that would stand up in court? :)

  15. I'm all in favour of people like this writing such letters.

    The people who agree with them are already thick beyond belief and unlikely to be swayed by reason anyway, and everyone else gets to laugh at the grandstanding of ignorance.

  16. Hadn't seen the Snopes link when I posted the above.

  17. All -

    Snopes or not, I wouldn't agree with this letter.

    I have too many non-believing friends.

    And 'you guys' put up with me, so I can return the favor.


  18. I second that, livingasonefreed

  19. On a slightly related note:

    I live in Western North Carolina and, upon checking my mailbox, yesterday, found a campaign flyer from the RNC, in support of Sen. Elizabeth Dole.

    The mailings entire message consisted of pointing out that Dole's opponent in the upcoming election, Sen. Kay Hagan, went to some sort of social function of an atheist organization...complete with (get this) covertly taken photographs. The mailing goes on to say that this somehow illustrates that Hagan doesn't support "North Carolina" values.

    What does that even mean? If this had been a flyer critical of a visit to, say, an NAACP function, Dole's campaign would be finished.

  20. As I raise my signed, first edition copy of Carl Sagan's "Demon Haunted World" over my head, I declare that Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will only take away my First Amendment right of freedom from from religion "from my cold, dead hands."

  21. unethical chum tin -

    Take action. Complain to the Dole campaign.

    I am sick of this crap myself.

    For this upcoming Prez election, I consider it a 'lesser of two evils' type choice. I think both candidates fall very short of what we need. But I'd rather choose the 'lesser' than throw my vote away on someone who has no chance (Nader, for example).

    It's frustrating, but Americans get the gov't they/we vote for.

  22. I'm not American.

    But your frustration is not unique.

    I have never, NEVER voted for someone that I thought was a good candidate, I have always voted in order to keep some other bastard from getting in.

    That goes for national elections down through municipal, communal right the way down to the PTA!

  23. It's frustrating, but Americans get the gov't they/we vote for.

    Even worse, we let ourselves be led around by sound bytes & slogans & effective marketting - and then wonder why our elected officials suck so much.

    They are a pale reflection of ourselves.


    As for the article, it's just another example (for me) that the smart stay quiet, while the stupid are eager to put it on display.

  24. Benjamin Franklin
    I second that!!

  25. Friendlyatheist brought attention to Dole's issue with Hagan meeting with atheists.. A lot of readers, myself included, donated to Hagan's campaign due to that. Others also wrote letters to both campaigns. Most of us don't even live in North Carolina.

  26. Definitely a Poe. (Disclaimer: A Poe may be very sincere and voice his true opinion but will be mistaken for a parody nevertheless. Confused? That's what Poes are for.)


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