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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Am I an A-Thiest?

Since this word turns up so often at AC, I googled it. Seems, as if athiest and thiest are both used regularly by - well, mostly - theists...
Is this just another form of this g_d thing?
I thought there could be some kind of more subtle meaning, so I spend nearly half an hour finding it.
Thiest seems to be a Dutch boy name.
Fritz Thiest was a member of the communist party in Bremerhaven
Giselbert de Thiest signed a treaty in the 12th century
Amy Thiest makes porn movies...
So maybe I should insist on not being A.Thiest?
Then again: there should be pretty many of the raytards being anti-Thiest...

Honestly: Is it so difficult to spell theist right (either pro or anti)? -ist is a common ending in English, too, AFAIK.
I really doubt it honors their god if they can't even spell him correctly.


  1. I have the most athi. I'm the athiest.

  2. I think you'll find that I'm even athier than you, yaeger.

  3. Funny, I always had a similar problem with deity and diety. I'm a spelling freak as well so it was extra frustrating.

    Maybe it IS part of God's divine plan, like the whole 'hiding the fossils to test our faith' thing?

  4. 'And Thus spake The Lord, thou shalt Not place thy I before thy E, for it is an Abomination to Me. And thou shalt Not place thy E before thy I, for it is an Abomination to Me. Thus I speak, thou shalt Not Speak a Vowel, for it is Mundane and it is an Abomination to Me. The Creator Who is I, and I Am The Lord, hath put the Consonant in All its Beauty before thee, so that you may revel in its Glory, which is Grace I have Provided. And Thus My Name Shall Be GHRTZHG, and Thy Tongue Shall Speak GHRTZHG, And it Shall speak Nothing Other, Lest The Lord Pluck thy Tongue from Thy Sinful Mouth.'

  5. Felix -

    You owe me a keyboard & a monitor & a jar of instant coffee.


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