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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Someone SHOULD be offended by this....

A recent article in the Times by an undercover reporter at one of those Christian Camps (no pun intended by them) where they de-gay all the ungodly Sodomites and put then on the straight and narrow road to depression, repression and a lifetime of loneliness.


Next year's guest speaker is Ted Haggard. Maybe.

Apparently, according to the article, there's a Living Waters in Central London that does a bit of de-gaying too - I wonder how often Ray & Kirk make an appearance there? I'm sure Ray wouldn't mind being chased out of that theater by a 'tall man in his thirties', looking to surrender some sweet icing on the cake of Ray's night...


  1. Creepy.

    The article wrote:
    "This month, Save Me, a small-budget fictional film about an ex-gay ministry, opens at cinemas in America. “I tried not to portray its leaders as two-dimensional monsters,” explains the director, Robert Cary. “Many genuinely believe that they are helping people to live good lives. But they believe that you're born with your religion and choose your sexuality, when that is the opposite of the truth.”"

    I'll have to look out for this one...

  2. "looking to surrender some sweet icing on the cake of Ray's night... "
    -That was great...I'm going to be laughing about that the rest of the night!!:)

  3. Central London??? Find out where it is, and I'll go undercover. Good job I'm also bisexual, so I have a reason to be there anyway. I'm so ashamed of my sexual sins.

  4. I was just reading along there, following the image in my mind, when it just turned and went drag. I almost got whiplash.

    I'm still laughing about it. That was a beaut.

  5. Oh, and revenant--

    That's a great shot of you, if that is you.

    Interesting imagery. It looks so... stark!

  6. Captain Howdy
    No this picture isn't me, it is the lovely and talented Brody Dalle (former lead singer of the Distillers and now lead singer of Spinnerette).


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