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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jokes about Creationists

Here's an idea what to do while Ray will be gone: Lets make up some jokes about the stupidity of creationists.

Ray Comfort is shot in a spaceship together with two trained apes into outer space by NASA. On the first day of the journey NASA contacts them:
NASA to ape-1: Readjust the solar-panels and prepare experiment 1.
NASA to ape-2: Prepare for spacewalk to check hull of spaceship and help ape-1 with experiment 1.
NASA to Ray Comfort: Remember to feed the apes , and do not dare to touch any buttons!"

How does a creationists braincell die?
- lonely

What happens if a creationist accidently swallows a housefly?
- His IQ doubles.

How do you make the eyes of a creationist shine?
- You hold a flashlight against on of his ears.

How does a creationist kill his goldfish?
- He tries to drown it.

And how does he try to kill his parrot?
- He throws it of a bridge.


  1. Actually, you can substitute any word (group/people) for 'creationist' in those jokes.

    The really inventive would find or 'create' jokes that are specific to the beliefs of creationists.

    Of course, I'm not that bright so I can't think of any.


  2. Parrots raised in confined household cages don't fly very well - throwing them off a bridge might work. Much like a creationist exposed unsheltered to reality wont last long trying to put his pitiful scientific knowledge to use. Thanks to modern social societies they will never have to.

  3. No need to invent some, that are pretty good at producing them on their own:

    fundies say the darndest things

  4. Recently a creationist made a lie detector explode. After they connected him to it they asked him:
    "What's your opinion on safer sex"

    And the creationist answered:

    "I think ... " when it made >>>BOOM<<<

  5. I thought these were all originally blond jokes. :P

  6. yeah kaityln, but they fit better to creationists :-)

  7. I thought of A Creationist Joke; but I couldn't logically defend it because my worldview can't account for absolutes.

    No, wait, I remembered it...

    A Creationist Joke;

    Ray Comfort.

    Absolutely Hysterical

  8. "I thought these were all originally blond jokes. :P"

    Speaking as a blonde (albeit a male one)... Yes, yes they were.


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