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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Once again, I'm too slow to do links correctly, but this is worth copying and pasting.


There is a lot to click on. Have fun.


  1. That one is really funny (or scaring, if it becomes reality...). I liked the bambi a lot.
    Where did you get the link from? I first saw it on pharyngula

  2. The garbage can tips over and the science magazine spill out.

  3. this is very sexist.

    Although I'd love to see one for Obama. Perhaps have some socialist posters (or cuban flag) in the O.O.

  4. That's where I saw it, Pharyngula. I think that's also where I first saw the Palin Baby Name Generator. Put in your name and it gives back what your name might have been if Sarah Palin had named you.

  5. LAOF:

    How is it sexist? You can't make fun of women?

  6. Rufus...

    more or less kidding. I thought it was funny.

    It's hard to simulate 'deadpan' here.

    In her defense, I think she takes a lot more B.S. about her past than another (black corrupt member of the Chicago political machine) candidate does/has.

    The 'Sumthin-stan' though cracked me up....


  7. LAOF:

    More than Obama has? Have you ever watched Fox News? And I myself, at least, when I've seen clips of Obama giving a speech, haven't heard anyone yelling "kill him" when he mentions McCain, though it wouldn't surprise me if I did. Which is why I despise politics. I just like the humor.

  8. rufus,
    there seem to be many people here who frequent Pharyngula...
    Well, I found Ray's silly blog only because PZ once (or twice...) linked to it.

  9. Rufus said:

    "Which is why I despise politics. I just like the humor."

    I will agree with you. This election (in the U.S.) is more for the humor since the choices are horrendous.

    - laof

  10. Very funny! Thanks for posting the link. The bridge to no where was one of my favorites.

    Why the word verification for comments now? Not a fan of typing letters into a box.


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