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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

philosophical soccer

a little off topic, but fun anyway...

I bet Ray doesn't know a single name...


  1. I've never seen that one before. That was fucking hilarious. Thanks, Tilia.

  2. Me and my girlfriend went on a Python binge sometime last year, and this sketch really stuck out as exceptionally brilliant.

    A thinky-minded cousin was present while we watched this particular bit, which prompted an interesting discussion about why proper comedy like this wouldn't work anymore. We came to the conclusion that humanity is doomed.

  3. Once of my absolute favorite of all their sketches :)

    Saw it on a rerun a few weeks ago, actually; had me laughing out loud for a solid 10 minutes...

  4. I don't want to seem ignorant, but could somebody tell me who's playing on the American team?

  5. I guess Emerson and Santayana would be out there by themselves, unless William James made the team.


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