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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grasping at Straws...

Hey all,

If nobody else is going to...

In Ray's latest post; "Grasping for Evidence", he neatly avoids a question from blogger Andy which seems to ask about the 'pick 'n' mix' attitude that Ray has towards what is part of the natural world (and subject to natural laws) and what falls under the umbrella of bat-shit crazy things that happen in the Bible.

Now, I'll admit that the question isn't particularly clear, but the answer Ray gives is just Classic Comfort Food.

I particularly like this bit:

"However, what they [atheists - professing atheists, to be precise] maintain that they cannot find--evidence, is right in front of their nose. God created the sea. It didn’t crawl up out of a puddle billions of years ago, created by nothing. How crazy is that? So, if God made the sea, He can part it if He wants to."

Once again I feel the need to state that Ray knows that nobody thinks the sea 'crawled up out of a puddle billions of years ago...' (whatever that actually means) but it suits his purposes to say it anyway.

The fact that he then goes on to say 'IF God made the sea...' - a hypothetical assertion - and does not provide any evidence to support it, despite 'evidence' being the point of the post, just goes to show how little effort he's putting into his blog these days. Honestly, I nearly didn't bother...

I almost miss the good ol' days...

On a personal note; it is now a year since I first visited Ray's blog (formerly know as 'The Soap Box'), how the time flies...




  1. Interesting - I'd never seen any of his posts from way back when.

    I actually thought it was more interesting. At the very least, it was more personal and less stupid.

    As for the current one, I agree that it's classically Raytarded. It may be due to the fact that he's hired monkeys to randomly type stuff until something suitably nonsensical results - but I suspect the writer(s) ha(s/ve) been trying to intentionally get responses. And as such, they're being intentionally dense.

    Then again, I don't think he Ray deserves the benefit of the doubt. I've given it to him before, and he's demonstrated that, No, he actually is that stupid.

  2. allfiredup once again provides hard-hitting commentary in the comments at AC.

    "[Evolutionary theory] is certainly unconvincingly complicated, it causes the typical layperson to either just take it for granted or reject it outright because of it's unecessary complexity."

    Later this year I will be investing time to conduct groundbreaking research into "Complexity-averse denseness in intellectually pretentious individuals", hopefully yielding a theory that can be applied to practise when...

    No, wait, that sounds kind of complex, bah, forget it... Back to researching the long-term effects of daily facepalming.

  3. Somehow I don't think that my post will make it past the new censorship regime, so just in case:

    "Actually, I created the entire universe, including all of you, last Thursday. I created you with memories of the past and evidence everywhere of a history that never happened. Want proof that I did this? Just look around you. The sea didn't just rain out of the sky; I created it. The Duck Billed Platypus didn't evolve; I just have a wierd sense of humor. Also, my diary for last Thursday clearly states:
    "Things to do: create universe.
    Note to self: don't forget to create people with memories of the past so that they don't get confused."
    If anyone needs further proof of mt creation of the universe then I can sell you a copy of my diary for only $30 along with my new DVD, "How I created the universe and why.""

    Childish, I know, but it just felt so appropriate.

  4. paul brown,
    very convincing ;). But I'm really angry with you, that you created that special memory of mine from last monday.
    So don't expect any prayers from me...


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