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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

...and now for something completely different!

I found this weird song by some talentless git. I can't believe someone would release something like this to the internet for everyone to ridicule. It's absolutely horrible, it's like this guy who's never recoded a song before (at least max 1) just walked into a piano class at our local uni, scribbled up a quick ditty and sang some rubbish over it, bothering to record only one take through his Macbook's internal mic and running with it.

Here's the mp3 (1,05mb)

Comfort man  - beta.mp3 (mediafire)

Comfort man  - beta.mp3 (direct link)

and lyrics

It appears life's without a purpose
You'll have to make the most of it while here
But if you need something special
I know a man who won't cut you a raw deal

commit to inanity
suppress your integrity
fortify your inerrancy
deny your humanity
and you'll acquire
all you require
to lead the choir,
as the next

Comfort Man
Comfort Man...
existential quandaries no more
absolute certainty makes you feel oh so fine
enter this, this state of bliss,
with his starter package for $19.99

disregard posterity
distort reality
lie incessantly
be immune to parody

and you'll acquire
all you require
to lead the choir,
as the next

Comfort Man
Comfort Man...

You can even hear him chew bubble gum when not "singing"! He also misses cues, notes on the piano and has horrible pronunciation! Fo' chrissakes, why did I do this!

Well, this song is here because I'm kind of proud of it (my first original composition with lyrics) and I'm a lazy nutter who'll probably never finish making a proper recording of it. I also though some of you might have some fun listening to it. Thank you Ray for inspiring a bout of creativity.


  1. I can't hear that from here, but if it's not got one and you'd like one, send me a chord chart and I'll put a crappy bass line on there.

    "The Raytractors" could be a fantastic band! ;-)

  2. That's damn fine.

    The only thing it suffers from is the recording quality. The lyrics are great, the piano's super.

    Nice one.

  3. ps Nice one with the self-depreciating intro to the post.

    Don't put yourself down just to avoid flak, you've done a fine piece of work, it's a bit rough round the edges, but like you said, recorded on a pc mike.

  4. You, sir, have a great voice. Do you have recordings of other songs?

    This was cool!

  5. I'm what you would call a "closet pianist". I know I can play some (still a dilettante by any reasonable measure), but lack the confidence to flaunt it. It's a big step for me to just post something like this. I'm also what you'd call a shower vocalist nowadays. I need to get back into a choir...

    @ baldy

    Maybe, just maybe I'll make a proper recording of the piano part in the future, then we could talk about adding elements. Also, I'm perfectly capable of writing a crappy bass line, so you'd have to offer something more than that :p

    @ stew

    MAC mike. HUGE difference. *cough*

  6. So is that Henwli singing?

  7. @ nonmagic

    Gee whiskers, thanks *blush*

    I did actually record a stupid lyricized version of a Super Mario tune for a creative writing class a couple of years ago. Save for these two exceptions, the digital space is free of my voice.

    I did do a couple of quick & dirty remixes of Todd Friel of WotM Radio fame last year. Ray's ramblings on air deserve a remix too. Maybe that will be my next little side project.

    @ baldy

    Now that sounds like something we could use!

    @ loaf

    Composition, piano, lyrics, singing, gum chewing, chair creaking, mouse clicking, finger tapping and all other sounds by yours truly. One room, one piano, one computer, one take.

  8. The only thing better would have been to add video.

  9. If it wasn't so easy to produce bad recordings of good drum sets, I'd offer my services :p

    I've got a nice H4 and some external SM57s set up in my livingroom (yes, I play drums to live). I'm thinking some brushwork would go along well with the piano & vocals

    BTW: I really do enjoy this MP3 :)

  10. Hen,
    You executed some really cool chord progressions in that one.

    I liked that a lot. Very lot.

    I think the melody you sang was a bit "noisy" to my ear, but, well done, young man!
    Leonard Frogstein

  11. Hen,


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