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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Uncyclopedia is celebrating October 14: National Hit an Annoying Person in the Head Day.

Amongst other things, this one caught my eye:

2005 - Pat Robertson is smacked 'upside the head' with an axe handle. The perpetrator is not apprehended, but he is described as being some kind of "long haired, bearded, freaky hippy type" wearing sandals and a crown of thorns.


  1. That's one thing I've always though; these very conservative type Christians, Roberton, Falwell, Dobson, Kennedy, whoever. If they had been in Palestine about 2000 thousand years ago, they would have been the Pharisees, the ones trying to get rid of Jesus because he was rocking the boat, upsetting the status quo. The ones yelling "crucify".

  2. Rufus, maybe the reason people like Pat Robertson feel a strong need to believe in God is because they need salvation whereas most of us freethinkers and atheists would have supported Jesus.

    Perhaps atheists are the ones who are saved by grace and granted the gift of a life without servitude to God.

    Okay, that's a stupid idea. I just like to think outside the box.

  3. The Good Lord Jesus will be busier than a one-legged man in an arse-kicking competition if he has to physically rebuke all of the charlatans, crooks, conniving cheats, bilkers, frauds, finaglers, cutpurses, shonks, swindlers, blackguards, bamboozlers, cranks, quacks and carpetbaggers who are using his name in vain for their own personal gain.

    Mind you, I imagine that Ray would be reasonably close to the top of His list.

  4. Kaitlyn
    Are you suggesting a sort of reverse predestination? It's only the non-believers who will be saved, and you have to be predestined to either not believe or later become a non-believer? Hmmm that would be interesting?

  5. I think Kaitlyn is on to something. We all know Ray's god is completely irrational, I mean any being that could create Satan and hell could certainly perpetrate an elaborate ruse like the "good book". It's all a test. Those who believe it literally are rejected, those who reject its absurdity are rewarded. Whose to say? Remember, with Ray's god anything is possible :)

  6. If there was a devil, and he could write a book that would keep people from becoming united under a loving god, it would be the bible.

  7. Absolutely perfect for the kind of day I've got here - thanks


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