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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I know it's not Ray but...

If you haven't before, and are looking to perform a *headdesk* frequently, you should check out the blog over at the Discovery Institute. You don't get to post replies, but you do get to cringe as they miss the scientific mark by a mile. Today's was rather...interesting and homophobic



  1. Slippery slope fallacies. Happy Thursday! :-)

    I swear I've heard the argument "Gay is not natural - no animals do it!" from the creationists before, and now they're saying "Animals do it, so humans shouldn'!"


  2. Why do fundamentalists have such a hard time admitting we are animals?
    So what if we have big brains or a so called soul. Biologically we are 100% animal.

  3. The Discovery Institute wants to be taken seriously as a research organization. It even asserts itself as being an authority of school curriculums. Then it publishes drivel like this.

    The people over there are too stupid to know how dumb they are.

    Whenever someone claims that Intelligent Design is about science, not about the religious views of the Disco members, show them this.

  4. Anti-gay religious people used to deny that there was any homosexuality in the animal kingdom. That claim was easily refuted by mountains of data.

    So now, whenever the subject of animal homosexuality comes up, they fight the strawman that claims we are saying that humans should model their morality on whatever animals do. It's a knee-jerk response that I've even seen on whatever the fuck Ray's blog is called today.

  5. Dr. James Dobson-

    Dobson believes that homosexuality is but a preference that is influenced through the child's environment. In his view any sexual activity outside of marriage including homosexuality, deviates from the God-ordained male-female marriage, which he describes as the central stabilizing institution of society. He states that homosexual behavior has been and can be corrected through some type of Conversion therapy, such as counseling.[20] Despite Dobson being a formerly licensed clinical psychologist[14] and expressing his views on homosexuality in psychological terms, his views are not supported by the mainstream mental health community.--- wiki

    He promotes spanking kids to the age of eight enough to make them cry-

    Although he had a PhD in psycology, the mainstream associations have disowned him.

    He is now very cranky because he lost his political power and he won't endorse McCain.

  6. Hi guys,

    I detest the "gay is natural" argument. Not that I think it is not, but because I think at the very center the important thing is that, if two persons of the same sex decide to give sexual pleasure to each other, and/or to share their lives, they have the right to, fucking god damn it! It is their decision, not the church's, not the government's, not mine, not anybody's, but them! ^%$#^$#^%$#$^%#@!

    Now, it does help to show that it is natural, but I think a basic liberty to decide by yourself what you want for yourself should be granted.


  7. I fail to see what that posting on their "Evolution News and Views" blog has anything to do with their promotion of intelligent design. But it continues to point to their Christian fundamentalism, something they can't escape, no matter how many times that ID isn't religion.

  8. In need of more headdesk?

    Listen to Way of the Master Radio here, go to about 18 minutes 45 seconds.

    Wear a helmet.

    - Henri


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