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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hey look...

... I'm lazy. I made completely different image without actually adding anything. All I did was change the lighting and background.

I like this version better. And it fit's well with current events. Plus, we're in New Zealand: I stole someone's holiday shot from everyone's favorite search engine.

"Oh Google, you wacky emergent monopoly."


  1. nice one :P. But it's nearly four years since I've last seen a mountain...

  2. Me in new Zeeeland?

    Me can visit cussin Platypus when me so close

  3. I think I like this one better, Quasar. It's a bit less pretentious than the ghostly back-lighting thing going on in your first image.

    Of course, this one happens to be missing that Hall Of Justice mojo too...

  4. Was that Crockaduck in the first one? Either way it's a nice addition!!

  5. Not only do I love this image, I'd love to actually own the shoes I'm wearing in the pic!

  6. Dangit, serve me right for dropping off the face of the earth for a damn month that I'd miss this slice of awesome, 1000th post, etc. Gotta remember to kick myself over this later.

    Anyway love the drawing, like what you did with my hair, and funny enough, I used to own that T-shirt.

    Two minor points though, firstly, am I angry at something in particular? I mean I'm the only one who seems like they're upset to be in the group photo for some reason. Not bothered exactly, just curious. Segundo, um, whats going on with my right hand? Is my thumb missing or question-mark shaped or whats happening there?

  7. It looks like smrt camp. Can someone make me a lanyard?

  8. I can tell pretty much who everyone is, but could we still get a R-L who's who?

    I can also pretend that the misted hills are Forest Park here in Portland, Oregon. We just don't have Lucy Lawless sword-fights or enless scenes of elves and rangers running across the landscape here. Pity.

    Word verification : sedab

  9. My fiance wants to get married in New Zeland.
    At one of the LOTR movie sets. -.-

  10. I'm standing on the Croc-o-duck's fot. hehehe

  11. yes, froggie. you are.


    wait, I haven't evolved nerves yet.


  12. at least it's summer in New Zealand now. I could do with some sun...

  13. Tillia,

    He's got me pictured with my chest all puffed up/ I suppose that does rep. my blog personna, but I've been at this so long I am always ready for a fight..I guess.

    But I like you beside me because you posess some abilities that I could only hope to have.

    You, and the others here have been an island of rationality for me. I am accustomed to working with people younger than me but this venue seems to have transcended age, and gender issues. Those old, worn out ways of slotting people.

    I hope you see this and I hope you stay well!


  14. Maragon said...
    My fiance wants to get married in New Zeland.

    Dump the bastard! :)

  15. Damn, now you are making me homesick.

    As for summer (4 days in), here downunder, it was 30 degrees by 8.30 this morning. New Zealand doesn't get quite as hot.

    Word verification : persen - Nordic/Scandinavian individual

  16. froggie said...

    "Dump the bastard! :"

    Like a bad hobbit.

  17. I really want to go to NZ some day. I am still waiting for my throne in the picture and the nubile women at my feet.

  18. You guys are awsome. Thanks for encouraging my artistic delusions!

    Rex: I tried drawing you with a smile, but the expression on the megaman sprite is what makes it look cool. It just didn't look right. And as for your hand: well... I just suck at drawing hands. But I'll give it another look when I finally get around to adding a volvox, a frog, having another go at Beamstalk and theShaggy, drawing Revenant, Benjamin Franklin, Felix, Expatmatt...

    Beamstalk: I'm not to good at thrones and I don't know what 'nubile' means, but I've got a kindergarten chair I can use as reference. And I just saw Dame Edna on TV.

    Word Ver: "crisisen"

  19. Oh well close enough I guess and yes I do know who Dame Edna is.

  20. Sorry I'm late to this one, but great job Quasar!!!! I really love it and I think I figured out who everyone is. That's awesome how you have "the raytractors" under the "SMRT" letters, very creative.

    We should all get together and have a top secret meeting or something in NZ.


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