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Friday, December 12, 2008

Ray's Latest Swan Dive Into The Sewer

Yeah, I know that it's already been mentioned in the comments to an earlier post, but I wanted to mention today's post as being especially vile. Ignore the obvious and ignorant analogy he's trying to make. Just go watch the video he's linking to. Hit pause when you get to the last few seconds when you finally see the face of the woman who's narrating. Now go back to Ray's post and reread these lines:

"I want to know how much you were paid to do this. You are obviously an uncaring, uninformed, niave [sic], narrow-minded, money-hungry liar. I can see it in your face."

That level of meanness and ignorance astounds me. I'm going to go look at some parakeet porn to wash the foul taste out of my mouth.


  1. Ray could have found a video that didn't have a woman with severe facial scarring due to a grease fire to use as his tool to promote a belief in hell. This woman is trying to get a point across and was brave enough to use her scarring from an actual fire to do it. Ray using this as his analogy for atheists not believing in his hell cheapens her point and her suffering.

    TL;DR Ray Scumfort is a prick.

  2. I noticed that Ray left a comment on his post, then deleted it. Anyone know what he wrote? Oh yeah; he's still a total asshole, only now he's a whiny total asshole.

  3. Dale where are you?

    Vera has been singling me out as someone to direct her comments to even if I haven't addressed her. The following was amusing:

    (she is replying to my comment that those that get made fun of on AC usually deserve it)

    I disagree. I get at least one letter a week from dale calling me a crackpot for no good reason. If he isn't calling me a crackpot, he's putting me down in some way. Any Christian that attempts to witness here can expect some measure of disrespect at some point.

    Poor Vera. The part about "calling me a crackpot for no good reason" was the best. I bite my tongue when it comes to most of her crazy rantings- it does no good to engage her. But she is making me a little nervous. This was her last post to me after I told her I didn't believe her bible:

    I know. I just wanted to make sure that you had the real story lest when you stand before God you declare that you thought at the very least you would be going night night.

    Her previous post to me was:

    Unfortunately, we may have to wait a few years to see whose prediction comes to pass. But then, it might be too late for you. I hope not.

    I think Vera is beginning to sound a little creepy and a lot crazy.

  4. OMNG!! Going night night??? Milo, hide!!! Has Vera finally lost what was left of her little freaking mind??

    Oh trust me, nobody calls VerifiedDung a crackpot for no good reason. There are sooooo many good reasons!

    Milo, if you find a rabbit boiling in a pot on your stove get out of the house !!!

  5. NM,

    LOL! ...rabbits on the stove.. You should have seen the look my son gave me for laughing at your comment. I couldn't even begin to explain to him what was so funny.

  6. I replied to his thread thusly...

    My opinion of you and my own view on religion aside, this was a really tasteless attempt at parody.

  7. I do hope that Ray's WIFE, saw that PSA and takes it to heart.

  8. Milo said...
    Dale where are you?

    "Vera has been singling me out as someone to direct her comments to even if I haven't........"

    Vera is very pervasive. Most people just drop her like a rock, but some of us do challenge her to get to the core of her irrational belief systems.

  9. I never look at Ray's site, as I don't want to be responsible for driving up his traffic figures, but I looked at this one and the one about whether or not Hitler and Dahmer deserve eternal torment.

    He really is an unsalvageable psychotic.

    The interesting thing is that very few of the people who leave comments seem to support him. Was it always this way?


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