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Saturday, December 13, 2008

For Your Information:

There is no scientific link between having an abortion and depression.



  1. Interesting.

    Google abortion depression and you will find stories going both ways.

    This story is an analysis of 21 studies. It seems the better the study, the less likely a correlation between abortion and depression.

    By "better" I presume they refer to the parameters of the study and bias.

    What isn't mentioned is any correlation between the stage of te abortion and depression, if there is any.

  2. I think they should do a study of women who have had abortions and are actually happy about it. I've known them. They weren't happy about the procedure itself, they were happy that they didn't have the child.

  3. That's why I posted this article. There are a lot of myths about abortion causing depression. Scientifically, there doesn't seem to be any significant data suggesting a causation.


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