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Monday, December 8, 2008

Do puppies believe in God?


  1. They were wrastling when I check 'em out earlier. I thought it was cute

    And topical. I actually am curious as to what the 'tractors think about this. Assuming animals have some rudimentary (or even superior - who knows?) ability to reason, is it possible that they might believe in some external force which governs their lives?

    That force might be us. It might also be "nature" (in some variant) that determines the success of a hunt. Maybe howling is a form of worship...

    (Ok, I just thought a web cam of some puppies might be kinda cool....)

  2. I say: no.

    And cats think they ARE gods.

  3. Ah! Feline worship of the self...

    I wonder if cats go to hell, then.

    LAOF, does the Bible suggest some way to distinguish between man and animal, in regards to salvation? Is it simply that they're inferior and thus aren't doomed to Hell the moment they're conceived as humans are?

    I'm thinking that being a cat is sounding like heaven...

  4. I am deeply disturbed by the lack of LOLcats on this cam.

    In other news, PUPPY CAM HELL YES!!! :)

  5. Last weekend my wife and daughter went to the Humane Society "just to look" and came home with two puppies. 4 mo. old brothers. yay.

    I'm atheist, my wife is confused (raised Catholic), my daughter's curious (I gave her a bible when the neighbor boys told her I was going to hell), our 11 yr. old dog is ELC Lutheran and the cat is "spiritual" whatever that means. So, I guess we'll see.

  6. I just adopted two puppies one a month ago and another this past weekend...and I haven't noticed any delusional behavior whatsoever in them.

  7. I would prefer to have a dog, but my commute and work hours make it impossible. So I adopted 2 cats from the shelter a few years ago.

    Whenever I head into the kitchen (even if it's just to get a glass of water), they come running and start meowing.

    Clearly, they're delusional in that Kitchen = Snacks...

    edit: spelling

  8. WeM -

    I'm foggy on what the Bible says about animals. I definitely am not a theologian.

    Ask Ray.

    As for puppies/dogs - I prefer them over cats, that's all I'll say about that.

  9. this morning I saw a dog in the street looking at his human just the way I always imagine Ray looking at his God. (Servile look with tongue hanging out and everything)

    If you want to be worshiped, get yourself a dog.

  10. ..and of course everyone knows the joke about the agnostic dislexic...

    I'll leave it to each of you to remember the first time you heard it... and perhaps enjoy a recycled laugh or two....

  11. "..and of course everyone knows the joke about the agnostic dislexic..."

    He soesnt know if there is a Dog?

  12. Tillia,
    "If you want to be worshiped, get yourself a dog."

    They only do that to further exploit you.
    They also retain their adolescent characteristics for the same reason. They merely fool you into thinking they worship you and look how easy they have it. Fuckers.

  13. Sorry, froggie... sorta screwed that up.

    The joke is about an agnostic, dislexic, insomniac... he lies awake at night, wondering if there really is a dog.

  14. froggie,
    that just proves that you feel better when you believe that a god strokes your belly.

  15. laof said:

    And cats think they ARE gods.

    From the cats I've owned I have to agree with you on this one laof.

    As for whether dogs/cats go to heaven/hell. I was taught (Catholic) that animals have no soul so animals don't go to either heaven or hell. They simply cease to exist.

  16. Anyone noticed that Jesus backwards seems way to phonetically similar to sausage?

    I propose a new religion that has Dog at the helm with his puppy Susej (who is no doubt a sausage dog).

    The omnipotent Dog can do anything, but it is in His Nature to licks His own holy genitalia.

    Susej gave up His sausage (a massive sacrifice for a dog) so that we could all be free.

    The freedom is great because we are free to wear collars, be leashed and be made to fetch things.

  17. The comedic genius, Vagon,

    If you were to register this as an official religion.... I'd join.

    Funny shit man, funny shit.

  18. Are they dead? they're not moving.

    dead puppies aren't much fun.

  19. Laof,
    You said,
    " [I]sorta screwed that up."

    Yes..indeed. And we have come to depend on you for that express hilarity, and, thanks by the way!

  20. Sorry, Laof,

    You don't go all over the netsters personifying your self as this clueless goof I bet.

    I could be wrong about that.

  21. Matt, I like your commitment, consider yourself arch-bishop if it ever gets off the ground haha

  22. Mud,

    Easy does it there little buddy. I have supported your dark side. But trolling a dark hit is going a bit far at this venue.

    You can do dark hits where they are appreciated.

    Annnnd. when you find a place to express that stuff, ask them which it is easier to unload, or a truck load of bowling balls, or a truck load of babies. Please report back asap.

    Remember, a place for everything.

  23. Vagon,

    If we are pious enough, and pray to Susej enough....will we be able to lick our own junk one day? Perhaps this would be heaven? :>

  24. Craig - You must be from the sect that allows the display of the image of Sesuj, I claim blasphemy! Lets have a local conflict that causes the death of our various sect members for generation to come.

    Clostridiophile - when I consult the Old Covenant it shows that it is a requirement for heaven:

    1 Dog-eronomy 23:1

    "He that hathn't licked in the stones, or hathn't licketh his privy member, shall not enter into the congregation of the DOG."

  25. Mudskipper asked Are they dead? they're not moving.

    They were forced to listen to CircularSye's presupp nonsense, and expired due to boredom...

  26. Vagon,

    Bring it on, Infidel.

    Collie akbar!

  27. Froggie said:
    "Sorry, Laof,
    You don't go all over the netsters personifying your self as this clueless goof I bet"

    Not sure what you mean...?

    Are you saying I'm clueless here?


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