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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Genesis Park

Confirmation Bias? A challenge to your worldview? Stupidity unmatched since the dawn of time?

Welcome... to Genesis Park.


  1. That's awesome hahaha

    My favourite is the fire-breathing kronosaur.

    Hahaha wow.

  2. Unfortunately the history of Darwinian theories suggests that all such evidence would quickly be assimilated into evolution theory.

    Not sure why this would be "unfortunate". Perhaps it's perceived as such by people who are less interested in truth, and more in confirming the validity of their faith.

    Institutionalized grasping at straws, as it were...

  3. Am I missing the point?

    Is that a new Wierd Al CD?

  4. Oops, sorry. I didn't pick up on the link.

  5. I swear, there's a 'dinosaurs are crossing' sign in rural Mecklenburg (Germany).
    Well, after a closer look it turned out to be a pictogram of an otter but from a distance it was at least as convincing as the examples on that website.

    And Mecklenburg would be the best place to look for the last dinosaurs anyway.

  6. Well, I'm convinced. I liked this: "Science News was given the opportunity to publish the remarkable photo, but declined."

    What evil, truth-suppressing bastards!

  7. Some of those pictures really do look amazingly like dinosaurs, at least from the internet. Unfortunately, all the ones I find most intriguing and wish I could examine further do no link to higher res versions. I really like the one of the two "sauropods" with their necks intertwined.


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