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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back by Popular Demand- Just in time for Xmas


Normal American shopping mall

What this means, I have no idea

God hates you and don't forget it. Especially you, Santa Claus.


  1. Yay !!!! Hell van has reappeared!!!

  2. damn sorcerers and santa claus, fucking the whole world up.

  3. I can see why God would hate us to kill whores but calling babies wicked is theologically unsound.

  4. Having "corrupt cops - repent" on the window must really help when he gets pulled over

  5. If this van's a'rockin'...repent!!!!

  6. "I can see why God would hate us to kill whores but calling babies wicked is theologically unsound."

    It's the wicked baby who is killing whores. Right up there with having children sit in your lap and tell you what they want for Christmas. God hates that.

  7. Not wanting to derail the Hell Van or anything...

    Just to take the opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas (or holiday nomenclature of your choice).

    I'm off back to merry ol' England and I'm not sure what my computer access is going to be like, so I'm doing my farewells now.

    [tries not to get too emotional]

    I'll be back before New Years though so have a safe and funtabulous Christmas and roll on 2009.

    Love you all,


  8. I want to drive a van around that says, "God Hates You"

    What happened to God is all-loving?

  9. ExPatMatt,

    Merry Christmas to you! And I hope you get a cracker on Christmas along with the plum pudding.

    (not a saltine, the kind with the paper hat and noise maker)

  10. Happy holidays Matt, have a pint of Fosters for me, you sure as hell cant buy it here!

  11. Happy Holidays, Matt! Be safe and hurry back to us!

  12. I wonder how controversial a "God hates idiots" van would be.

    Fundamentalists suck

    Books are your friends

    I didn't tell you to do that


    Happy Holidays to you and yours, 'Matt. Travel safely!

  13. I saw that van (or one very similar to it) in St. Augustine, Florida the other day. I wanted to take a picture but didn't have my camera.

    Happy Holidays all!

    (I hope this isn't a double post, there was some weird error a minute ago)


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