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Monday, December 15, 2008

What is it with the Bible and Incest?

So Ray's latest blathering is an attempt at ridiculing evolution by copy pasting a bit of text from the Berkeley evolution library. The bit that Ray really takes notice of, of course, is this;

"Evolution means that we're all distant cousins: humans and oak trees, hummingbirds and whales"

Fair enough. I can see why this might be hard to swallow.

But please, for the love of not-god, why does the accompanying image have man and tree hugging each other with love hearts in the air and lustful eyes entwined? Why did a quote about us being distant cousins make Ray think that we should be all loved-up on trees? This could be Ray's most confusing post yet; what the hell is he trying to say?

I'm just disappointed that the cartoon of a hummingbird giving a whale a blow job didn't make the final edit. Shame.


[Disturbing image courtesy of Richard 'Prick-Splinters' Gunther]


  1. For no-god's sake. Don't let Mudskipper see this.
    I can't imagine the prose that this would inspire!

  2. Hit it Mudskipper!!

    For the record, I'd rather be related to a tree than Scumfort.

  3. OK, I know "doing it" with other species of animules is beastiality.
    What do they call "doing it" with a tree or plant?

  4. I'm convinced that the cartoonist either doesn't get much, or gets it all and is pulling a Poe under Ray's nose.

    (Word verification: potho!!!)

  5. I was going to make a joke about nuts but that would be childish. I hope Vera has some insights on human/deciduous sexuality.

  6. Ray is kinda Queer,
    This mush is known
    But what I cant figure out
    I why he looks like a gnome.

    I have the hots for the Cameron
    I love Kirk, cause he's just funny
    I don't know about any cousins
    Or Brothers
    But his sister is Freakin hot

    And I'd love to stuff his Mother
    I didn't mean at the same time
    That's a little incestuous
    But, what the fuck
    you only live once.

  7. What do they call "doing it" with a tree or plant?

    Painful frustration

  8. I congratulated Ray on this post.

    he quoted the page in entirity, without mining it, and it is an accurate, if basic description of evolution.

    Ray's only contribution is the post title and the brief he gave Gunther.

    I think it's a step forward for bananaman

  9. Random link, this should be the YouTube clip I think it is (thanks, Work Filter).

    If it isn't I will post the right one later. if you like it, post it on blog.

    Enjoy TITLER

  10. A lot of congratulatory comments for Ray on this one - he must think Christmas has come early.

    Prediction: Ray will comment on how all the evolutionists responded in the same way, thus verifying his 'brainwashing' claim.

  11. I dunno, I can always say "but I bet Frodo and I are the only ones who agree here."

  12. I thought that Gunther outdid himself on that cartoon. I kinda liked it. It is a lot better than the anvil cartoon, that for sure.

  13. I thought the cartoon was cute.

  14. I think it was cute too. Just like my new display name.

  15. There you have it.

    "Dendrophilia literally means "love of trees". The term may refer to a paraphilia in which people are sexually attracted to or sexually aroused by trees. This may involve sexual contact or veneration as phallic symbols or both."

    Who knew?

  16. Robert,
    I think I shall have a new display name also!

    So liberating!

  17. You guys are gonna be fucked when all this shit comes down.

  18. The tree is rubbing the guy's hoo hoo.

    Just thought I'd point that out.

  19. I'm puzzled. What's the point of Ray posting an anti-strawman? Doesn't he run the risk of one of his believers actually reading it and saying, "Huh. You know, that does make sense."?

    Or maybe he wants to prove triumphantly, once and for all, that fundies are impervious to reason.

  20. I think this was Ray's best post to date. How in the world did he find that website? Now if only he would take the time to read it.

    I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is not like him to post something true about evolution. I think it is a trick!

  21. Fernatio?


    I'd better leaf now.

  22. BF,
    You bastard, I just lost a whole mouth full of hot tea!

  23. "Ray Comfort said...

    "Tilia said... ts, ts, more than 50 comments later and still no explanation how the University of Berkeley is brainwashing their students..."

    To have to point out the stupidity of believing that we are related to trees, proves my point."

    There you go. Game over. Checkmate. Slam Debunked.

    So what do we do now that evolution has been disproved by Dr. Comfort?


  24. He's just harvesting for his ridiculous book again.

    Hey Ray - harvest this; You're a ignorant moron.

  25. BF, it doesn't matter what you want to call it as long as I can spread her leaves and stroke her boughs. When I do that, I definitely figure out how to make her bark.

  26. One of the sycophants, Montana Believer, said,

    I don't need to understand evolution or know a thing about it scientifically to know that it's a myth

    Says it all, doesn't it?

    Honestly, when I consider that these butt-scratching morons have the vote, democracy looks less and less attractive.


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