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Friday, December 12, 2008

The SMRT Bible Project

Ok, folks, Baldy has set up a blog for us so that we can read and discuss the Bible and Stew has suggested this schedule. For any and all who have expressed interest, please go over to the blog and leave a comment regarding what you think of the schedule (should we wait til Jan. 1st is my first question), any guidelines you might want to suggest, thoughts you have, ect.

Thanks again for the participation of all those who are interested and to Baldy for getting this thing rolling so quickly. This looks to be a fun and interesting journey!

EDIT: I don't want to start a new thread for this so I'll just put it here. This article entitled 'Did our cosmos exist before the big bang?' might be interesting to some of you.


  1. I got a "content warning" before I looked at the blog.
    Is the warning self-imposed or having someone been "flagging" the blog already?
    I didn't see any swear words...

  2. Chris,

    I got it when I went there just moments after it was set up, so I don't think anyone has been flagging it.

    Good question, though.

    I don't know why it has a content warning.

  3. NM,

    I read the rebounding universe article and, after picking up the pieces of my exploding brain from the floor, have concluded that I half-understood about 1% of it.

    Bloody fascinating though!

  4. Matt,

    It really is completely fascinating isn't it? I get the concepts, mostly, but I'm sure that if I even dared to look at the math behind those concepts, even for a second, my head would pop like a balloon.

  5. I have Dr. Tyson's book "Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries"

    I haven't started it yet but it is next on my list.

  6. That was a very good read though. They have a few problems but seem to be working them out. Also it looks like they have their first hurdle to overcome soon with the Planck satellite.

  7. I put the content warning on in the full expectation that there's likely to be some full and fruity language!

    If people think it's a problem, it can always be removed.

  8. No reading on the sabbath, ok?

    That's supposed to be a day of rest, dammit!

  9. I think the irony of the content warning is just delicious.

    Here we are reading the Bible and we have a content warning! LOL!

  10. If Believers were honest, the Bible would have something like a PMRC sticker on the cover.

  11. Non-magic, you made my day with that cosmology article. I had never truly believed in the existence of 'singularities': infinite values don't exist in nature, and the concept of 'nothing' before the big bang always sounded like a cheap way to avoid explaining a difficult to understand concept to inferior minds.

    As such, I had always thought that the most likely pre-Big Bang universe was a massively compressed (but still finite) atomic object, which suffered some event which caused it's expansion. I'm still not entirely sure I accept a looping universe, but the concept of a 'minimum' amount of space makes a rebound style event plausible.

    It feels good to be vindicated.


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