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Saturday, December 13, 2008

For All Fired Up

Everyone else go on about your business.

All Fired Up;



  1. Perhaps you should link to the post of his you were responding too.

  2. All Fucked Up,

    A family has been tragically killed and all Ray can do is make a post that tries to promote his religion? Such an inane and stupid response.

  3. I was blinded with rage. All Fired Up is one of the few there that actually gets to me, that I don't like.

  4. I just read the comments on that thread and while the xians are running around kissing god's golden asshole, lonomoholo nailed it with this comment:

    Indeed. Praise God that in his mercy and love he has seen fit to incinerate this family, in His glory.

    What a crock! It was a very tragic accident, to be sure, but to somehow bring an imaginary being into it is beyond the pale. God is apparently omniscient and omnipresent, yet He allowed this to happen? Oh, right...part of some Divine Plan. He seems to be the opposite of omniscient and omnipresent, or He has a very twisted sense of fairness and love.

    Get over it, folks. Stuff, tragic stuff, happens.

  5. What bothered me was Ray Comfort using this tragedy to promote his beliefs, to promote himself. But if you criticize Ray, that means you don't care about the guy losing his family. Ray will probably come up with a tract based on it. And oh, All Fired Up; fuck you, asshole.

  6. Here is what I said about that matter and someone will have to do a considerate amount of convincing to change my mind:

    "I know that there is no way that I could empathise with his loss, yet I try.

    He must be A very strong and reasoning person to understand that forgiveness is the balm for resentment, or he could spend the rest of his life blaming that pilot.

    His life is ended as he knew it. I am happy to see that he will live without resentment, but he will never go a single day without remembering the tragic loss.

    I hope that his good attitude will not only sustain him, but allow him to come to some normalcy eventuallY.

    Ray is an opportunist. Pure and simple. He is a master at turning any grief into evidence of his "god."

  7. I don't get it. How did All Fired Up PWN Rufus? Why such anger

  8. But if you criticize Ray, that means you don't care about the guy losing his family.

    Exactly why I havn't commented.

    I was going to. I dredged thru Ray's posts finding instances where he talks about God's judgement to prove that Ray has previously stated that the man's 2 infant daughters will be judged by God, but I let it drop.

    I fugured I'd be using the tragedy to score points off Ray.

    And we already know Ray is scum.

  9. Lots to agree with here. My immediate thought was similar to lono's. Like Stew, I figured there's no way to comment on a tragedy like this in any way other than with sympathy, without being perceived as a jerk. Please, I'm not calling anyone who did leave a comment a jerk but responses like AFU's are so predictable.

    Whatever that guy has to lean on to try and make sense of losing his family is fine by me. I've always thought this is what religion is for, to try and make sense of randomness and death even if it is fantasy. The thought of a reunion with loved ones, in paradise no less, is powerful to someone in so much pain.

    The problem, imo, is when people like Ray exploit and abuse people's fears and uncertainty until eventually you end up with jihadists and holy wars. This is the kind of crap I'm talking about. Ray responding to Celtic Chimp:

    "TCC...Moslems have no assurance of eternal salvation. They can never be sure as to whether or not God will send them to Hell. They have to wait until Judgment Day. The Christian doesn't. Our judgment fell on the Savior."

    If you think I'm being hyperbolic saying this kind of talk leads to death an destruction, google a certain Gen. Boynkin talking about crushing Iraq because "our god is mightier than their god". I'm too lazy to look it up myself this morning.

    Anyway, I'm glad I can opine here on this and not over There.

  10. I was being a jerk, to Ray Comfort and All Fired Up. Sometimes I have to call bullshit bullshit. I have nothing but sympathy for that man. I wouldn't go up to him now and talk about all the logical, rational reasons for why there is no god or afterlife or anything like that.

    On the other hand, if that man and his family believed one little thing differently than Ray Comfort does, Ray would talk about how they aren't true Christians and that the man's family is now being punished eternally.

    Either way, Ray Comfort would use the tragedy for his own twisted purposes.

    Fuck Ray Comfort and fuck his asswipe All Fired Up.

  11. I haven't been over to see Ray in a while. I figured I wasn't achieving much besides pissing myself off. And I'm the last person I want to piss off.

  12. Honestly, considering Ray's normal M.O., this wasn't so bad. Seriously, look at it.

    At no point did he preach fear and hellfire and brimstone. As far as I could see, this was a post which was a man making a topical and seemingly heartfelt statement about a man in pain. I didn't take issue with it, personally.

    I would argue that the reactions to this post are a reaction Ray in general, not this post. I don't know if that's a good way to go about it personally.

  13. Rufus - if you're still following this -

    I've gotten all 'fired up' over some posts too, man. I know how you can be like that too.

    I was really, REALLY in need of anger management when I was growing up. I got it through friends and family, thankfully not having to endure years of professional help. Plus, my kids really have a calming effect on me, surprisingly [since they've sometimes been little buggers throughout their lives! :-)]

    I can't, won't and don't mean to pass any judgement on you, since this time of year seems to put us all on edge. But if you do have some stress in your life (for whatever reason) other than AFU, perhaps find your group of friends that you can meet with and have some good times with them. Find someone you can talk with. That usually helps me.

    If you feel it is something that you need to seek professional help for, please do so. It makes life more pleasant for you and those around you.

    I mean this with all sincerity.


  14. To quote the great Hank Hill:

    "I don't have a anger problem. I have an idiot problem".

    Reason's greetings.


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