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Monday, December 8, 2008


Sorry about putting up two posts in a row, but I just paid a visit, holding my breath, to Answers In Genesis. Ever check out the AIG comic strip, After Eden? It's a laff riot! Tell all your friends!


  1. Yes, in the magical imaginary beginning, EVERYBODY believed in magical imaginary bollocks.

    This cartoon is about as funny as painting an eighty foot high grey wall a slightly darker shade of grey.

  2. It's accurate information like this that makes me trust AiG for all my scientific information.

    Now that I typed that, I feel nauseous.

  3. Come to think of it, why are they smiling?

    They just got thrown out of paradise and told that they were going to die.

  4. "Come to think of it, why are they smiling?"

    They got a whole lotta sinnin to do.

  5. Lol@ craig, imagine your comment in Quagmire's voice...


  6. And to think, after 6000 years of incest here I am.

  7. Oh, I always check out AE. I find it strangely compelling.

  8. "In the beginning, EVERYBODY was a creationist."


    And then they involved into a higher species.

  9. Damn you Charles, I just subjected myself to an entire page worth of these things. We need to set up a human rights commission for how badly these puns have been tortured. Noah's critics were "All Wet." Haw. A Father napping in church, because its the "Day of Rest." Hilarious. Oh my favorite, Eve, who is not a morning a person, is aptly named. Yeah, took me a minute to get that too, is how fantasmically funny that is.

    Oh also, did you know couples have differences sometimes? Oh, also that Mondays suck? And that hard work is hard? Such innovatively humorous concepts are yours to behold in "After Eden."

    Oh, the most wonderfully wtf one of them all.

    Man in a Cowboy Suit Addressing Three Children : "Bandages, Medicines, Operations, Doctors, and Nurses make you think of what kind of place?"
    Smiling Child : "A Sin Cursed World!"

    Wow. Very much Wow.

  10. In retrospect, I would've rather been kicked in the sack repeatedly for 5 minutes than use that time looking at this infantile garbage.

    Thanks, Charles. You've made a very depressed enemy...

  11. Someone mentioned it in another thread, but in my experience, fundamentalists do lack a sense of humor.

    I wonder why that is...

    PS. CC, that Quagmire bit made me snort coffee all over my keyboard. Thanks -_-


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